Blades 0-1 Bolton


“wow, genuinely stunned, Parky actually changed formation and played two up front, think we just had the first half, and after seeing the reply, looked like a penalty to make it 2-0. They had the second half, probably should have scored but we threw everything at that…Madines goal wasn’t popular (but he is a complete arsehole to be fair)”

“weird that our first win was at home to Wednesday and the first win away was against United”

“I’m just picking my jaw up off the floor and and back breathing again…what a result that I never saw coming!!”

“Probably result of the season, win away at a top 6 side. With a number of key players out injured.”

“great win 
one swallow does not make a summer.
 my head is not wobbling yet.
why has it taken until 30/12.17 to produce an away win, could quite easily been 1-1
judgement on the manager still out.”

“I was expecting a right tonking today, especially when I saw our teamsheet, well done Parky and the players, its results like this why supporting Bolton is bloody great!”

“Got a but nervy when we were pissing about with it in the corner and they missed a sitter, but thought we played quite well overall.”

“Great win!!! Like the Cardiff game I would never have expected that………. and it just had to be their favourite player Madine”

“Phill surprised Sheffield with 3-5-2. They did not seem to know how to handle it. Madine was superb. They just could not handle his power.”

“Great result and occasion
First half we were great, second was attritional against a very average side. Not sure either keeper makes a save 2nd half.
Alnwick with a cracker end of first half.Madine was v good – solid and got fuck all off the ref. Looked a clear pen on him from the ground
Don’t think they’ll be that bad again but take it where you can”

“those cunts also thought the ref was against them as referenced above from their forum, when the only big decision was to not award a certain pen on…..yes, Madine”

“poor ref should of been a penalty and 2-0 to us”

“Should fleck have seen red for a stamp?”

“I just don’t see how we won that. They’re massive and take thousands to every game they play. They couldn’t possibly lose to the likes of us unless we cheated or the ref was bent”

“Fucking magnificent. Madine 1-0. Would’ve taken that over a repeat of our historic 13-0 over them no-marks.”

“Fuckig Love beating gthose cunts”

“Of all the teams to finally win away at, that was most satisfying”

“Sore losers those lot.”

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