“Well, in the audition month to see whether we were to be automatic contenders or play-offs at best, we’ve not had the greatest start with a win and a loss. Thankfully it seems the wheels are coming off slightly for Sheff Utd too.
We need a win, as do they in order to keep in touch with the top 2 by any stretch of the imagination right now.
Hopefully Bruce decides not to be a blundering idiot by actually starting a striker this week.”

“Well Sheff U seem to be on the slide a bit, so we should be in a position to see them off quite comfortably”

“I think we will beat Sheff U, but then we do tend to beat average teams at home.”

“United are in crappy form too. They are there for the taking. We have to TAKE them…”

“They’ve lost 4 out of their last 5 matches, and drew the other at home to Blues. They’re certainly on the slide. We should beat them”

“1 defeat and everyone is in a flap. United are bad run and our home form has been excellent for over a year.  Big crowd. Big result.”

“The results haven’t gone their way but they have been playing better than us.”

“They will tear us to bits, in a how to play football sense.”

“they have still been playing far better than we have. I thought they were brilliant against Bristol city and would of gone on to win if it wasn’t for the sending off. I don’t buy this we should beat them. They have been unlucky that they have been on the run they have. If they play like they have been most of the season, then we will not win.”

“Just can’t see us being up for this , Blades may not be winning but from what I’ve seen of them at least they battle and have been unlucky . When was the last time we got beat and could honestly say we didn’t deserve it ?”

“Usually when teams are on a bad run of form…. they play villa and their streak is over!
Sheff utd are on a bad run…. teams are beating them… so Bruce and his coaches have plenty of recent examples of how to beat them. Look at their last 5 games, did the teams go all out attack? Go out wide and whip crosses in? Start fast or sit back and counter attack? Whatever worked …. spend time on the training pitch doing it!”

“Can anyone tell me the way we play ? I genuinely don’t know what we are trying to do , it seems to just be some sort of random “plan” based on whatever the opposition do . Just seem to make it up as we go along”

“Simple isnt it.
We gotta win !!!!.
If we dont. Automatic is long gone, we are out the top 6 and Bruce is on a tightrope.
However, they are on the slide, we are at home, big crowd.”

“could well be 40,000 on the gate.”

“Biggest crowd of the season”

“It should be a great atmosphere then.”

“Seems Samba is out, Jedinak will likely replace him.”

“I see Sheffield Utd are in the running for Ulla too – if of course we actually are. If they go for a straight buy, we’re up a creek without a paddle……. “

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