Villa 2-2 Blades


“Sheff Utd have lost 4 out of 5 and only managed a draw at home to the Scum from Small Heath. This is their biggest result in 6. No surprise there though!”

“Clayton Donaldson. Says it all.”
“Bruce will probably sign him in January”
“2 brilliant finishes from x bluenose Clayton Donaldson (why did they get rid of him)”

“Dreadful , gutless , pathetic performance by almost every player – Davis a donkey , snograss ,Elmo and hourihane all weak and lacked balls – as for the rest not worthy of any positive mention . jedinak a joke of a defensive display”

“Gutless cowards. they don’t deserve a xmas party. All useless and don’t give a shit about the club”

“Dreadful. Plus we were fortunate to get a penalty. “

“Shocking, shocking, shockingly low grade football, from too many players. I had to watch the game through my fingers, such was the embarrassment of so many factors of their play. “

“We didn’t have the ball in their half for long enough because whilst we should have gone through the floor at them, we kept going long which is exactly what they wanted.”

“Felt very fortunate that we found ourselves two nil up. It happened too quickly for our players or management to realise what position we were in. We looked hungry and first to the ball for ten mins and then as soon as they scored their first youcoukd see he confidence, ideas or game plan totally sap out of our players.”

“I think people get the wrong impression that being 2-0 up so early was particularly impressive. What we did was score two goals from set pieces not open play. Which kind of sums the match up because we would still be playing now and not look anything like scoring from anything we created. Its not as if we were ripping into them before or after we scored or up to when they scored. We never looked like getting anywhere near a third goal.”

“We couldn’t have had a better start and then proceeded to throw it away. I thought Jedinak was diabolical and too easily bullied and Chester whilst not as bad was also too hesitant and bullied.”

“can’t see anything other than a struggle to fend off sheff utd , Ipswich or even preston for that last play off place . “

“Poor performance from our manager. Grealish was running rings around their number 6 ( who should have gone for two bookings) until he was banished out on the left to accommodate two headless chickens up front.”

“I must have been watching a different game, I thought we were alright compared to recent performances. Grealish was superb, completely different team with him in the starting 11. Unlucky not to nick it in the second half. Take away Jedinaks two individual mistakes and we were by far the better team. Not much Bruce can do about Jedi completely missing the ball twice, but I imagine Bruce will take the flak for it”

“Well, can’t say much more than has already been said. 3 shots on target with 60% possession…. Sheffield United are a very average championship side, with what has been spent we should expect to beat them. What about the youth? O’hare? Do we not have a centre half we could have blooded against an average championship team?”

“ If I was a fan of Wigan or Hull and we were 5th in the league and in with a good shout of the playoff I’d probably be happy. I’m actually a Villa fan,a club who had been ever present in the Premier league , a Club who 90% of football fans still see as a premier club and expect us to go back up , With our squad we should be challenging Wolves shouldn’t we ?
We had a 10m striker on the bench yesterday and Sheffield had clayton Donaldson in their starting line up !”

“We should be mullering these hard working but limited ability teams at Villa Park Shouldn’t We?”

“ Another disappointing home performance. Sheffield are clearly on the downslide and were there for the taking yet we still hand them a point on a plate.”
“On the face of it going 2 up in 10′ and then being pegged back could be interpreted as failure, but Sheff Utd’s first goal was Route One and their second was due to luck … bad for Jedinak, who misjudged the bounce of the ball and good for SU, who scored. “

“We started brightly (obviously) and I thought that the attitude of the players was excellent – at 2-0 up, we relaxed too much and then couldn’t get our impetus back in the rest of the half. Second half was more even, but the longer it went on, the more I thought we were the only winners. The referee was iffy – I haven’t seen our penalty (or the shout shortly afterward) so can’t comment – but I think 99 times out of a hundred, the player that pulled Grealish back whilst on a yellow gets sent off – that changes the game.”

“Were you watching in person, or on TV? With the benefit of the TV angle, I don’t even think it was a free kick. Grealish went to ground as soon as he felt
a breeze on his shoulder. Certainly shouldn’t have been a second yellow. “

“Steve Bruce has no business as our manager. Pathetic.”

“Absolutely dire. **** off bruce.”

“to the Sheffield United fans who hired a box by us and then proceeded to show a complete lack of respect by continuously antagonising the fans in front of them up yours
They eventually got evicted and rightly so. Even a “friendly” word from JT failed to stop them. Muppets”

“Regarding the Sheffield United fans…..Well In all my years of following Villa away, they and Wednesday fans have always for me, stood out as total gobshites and I mean that in every sense of the word.”

“a number of Villa fans in front of me were aggressively goading the Sheffield U fans the other side of lower witton at 1-0 then even more at 2-0. It was pathetic to see and forced a police line up when it got back 2-2 as the tossers from both lots of supporters threatened each other knowing they were never going to be put to the test. Friendly banter is one thing but mindless aggression at a sporting event made me wonder what I was doing there with my wife and family. The police should have thrown out the drunken middle aged adolescent thickos from both sets of “supporters” who give football a bad name.”

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