“didnt quite look up to speed”

“Liked look of Lavery when he came on, you could see when he got better of there defender he didn’t have that match fitness to take him clear.”

“I thought he did ok for a first appearance.
Looks like a footballer and not tired old journeyman”

“Lavery looked keen to impress but boy is he out of condition. Understandably though considering he hasn’t been playing.
A good stint of exercise under Warne will soon have him firing on all cylinders.Apparently there is talk of Lavery signing perm at the end of the season if all goes to plan”

“Yes I’ve heard Lavery on a perm too.
Indirect info but from bluntie official”

“Looked good. just match sharpness being the issue”

“Laverty played well when he came on. He did a bit of ball holding in the corner just befor the goal and had the p1ss took out of him by a team mate. I’ve been told that we have signed a great player in the making. If he fits into the squad and does well let’s hope we do sign him on a decent contract.”

“Although I like the look of Lavery I was hoping to get a striker with sheer pace,although not fully up to speed it was a shock when their centre half run past him, we gonna need that extra pace in the championship”

“I too thought Lavery would be quicker”

“Lavery did well in his cameo appearance and looks to have quick feet. He certainly played his part in the second goal.
He looks well short of the required level of fitness at the moment and hopefully that’s the only reason the centre half caught up with him when he was put through in a decent position. He looks to have a lot of promise though and could well become an integral part of the attack in the latter part of the season.”

By Roy

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