“First time I’ve seen him but I really like the look of him, good in the air and rapid on the ground if he gets up to speed with the lads he could be a top signing and then hopefully the rumours are true that he could sign full time at the end of the season.”

“He didn’t look fit on Saturday, doesn’t look fit enough to start yet but he did well tonight”

“Anybody notice how he practices his free kick technique pre kick off?
Always looks to lift it high and into the top left hand corner. Pretty damn good at it too.
IF the opportunity arises while he’s on the pitch, wouldn’t mind him having a crack at one.”

“he was blowing a bit, so needs to build his stamina up, get the cones out Warney.“

“Commented on that to my lad. He’s been out for a while so let’s give him a break. Thing is Warne will run him into the ground to get his fitness up and he’ll thank him for it. Looks like he’s got a lot to offer.”

By Roy

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