“You would not bet on him scoring”

“Far too much lumping it up to Hanson – that seems to be the only tactic when he plays”

“For me having Hanson up top didn’t seem to work, we seemed to lose creativity and play more direct”

“Hanson offers as much as the lamppost outside my house and jumps, turn and runs just as well”

“Hanson is probably not there to score himself but more to create space and opportunities for George Miller.”

“Given Hanson hasn’t scored since I don’t know when, I don’t think we can expect much from him in that respect.However, when he came on he won virtually every header and at least Miller had some support up front”

“I don’t think it is about Hanson goals (yes, we haven’t seen any!) but about his physical presence and nuisance factor, and he did win a couple of headers as soon as he came on.”

“IMO bringing onHanson in the 95th minute would be too soon!”

By Roy

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