“I was quite happy when we signed Palmer but not that bothered about Lavery tbh
On what I’ve seen so far I’m still happy about Palmer and think he’ll fit in nicely when he’s gets a regular 90mins (not sure if that’ll happen this season though, who do we leave out for him?)
I’ve slightly changed my mind on Lavery, he does seem hungry and does well when he comes on but can he do that for 90mins?”

“maybe its time to start with Lavery.”

“When we brought Lavery into the club I thought he was a bigger bloke, but he is the same size has Ball, but less skillful.”

“I’m not 100% convinced on Lavery yet but I think that’s just a game time issue.”

“Good player but can’t get in the team”

“Lavery was ineffective but had little service all game. Can’t remember him doing anything other than win the header that led to the goal”

“Palmer and Taylor made the most of their opportunity to play, unlike Cummings, and probably Lavery too”

“Dropping Lavery made good sense”

“Good to see Lavery get his first Millers goal, and that should boost his confidence”

“He ain’t good enough and I wouldn’t take him on a free.”

By Roy

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