“Sheffield are someone to aspire to. They haven’t spent millions but showed you can play good football with a good work ethic and players showing for the ball. For long periods we looked pedestrian. 0-3 didn’t flatter them”

“We got away with that. It could have been a record home defeat if Sheff had continued to play as they did in the first 15 mins.”

“Sheff Utd could have won about 6 nil easily.”

“They could and should have won by at least double that score.”

“Sometimes you just can’t stop them. Sheffield were outstanding”

“Sometimes when you lose you have to admit that you were absolutely dreadful. Other times you have to admit the other side were exceptional. Today it was both”

“They were a good side who knew what each other was doing and just passsed the ball around us.Thankfully we won’t play many teams who play this way again this season.”

“Sheffield looked decent fair play. Ref absolutely wank again”

“Sheff Utd looked really well organised and deserved the points”

“Their midfield as a whole is ran the show.
Quicker, stronger, better movement and better with the ball. Did someone die in the dressing room before kick off?”

“Although we were very poor, I thought Sheffield United were a class above today. I wish we could move the ball about like that”

“hate sheff united but they are a good side.”

“They are the type of team we struggle to deal with. High pressing team that plays quick passing footbsll with strikers that Run the channels. Absolute nightmare for us. We sit too deep and don’t close anybody down.Like watching a premier league team play a Sunday league team. Only Alnwick gets any credit, everyone else poor .They won’t get an easier game all season.Having said that we aren’t going to be up against that style every week so we will be fine.”

“I’ll bet good money that Wilder could get our squad playing reasonable football….Its all about the coaching & the managers mentality / football philosophy – unfortunately Parkinson doesn’t want to play any sort of football….”

“Wilder in training (midfielders) – when you get the ball, look for a Sheff Utd shirt, pass to feet & move into space to give him an option then get forward and support the forwards.
Parkinson In training (midfielders) – when you get the ball just hoof it anywhere & get back and defend, it doesn’t matter whether you pass to a Bolton player or not, oh and don’t worry about Magennis just hit it in his general direction and then get back & sit in front of the back four – don’t you dare get over that half way line.”

“It was absolutely awful. Would love to see how many were in the ground at FT. Norwood was top draw. About 10x better than Lowe and Murphy. Enjoyed watching him play.Can’t describe how bad that was today. I’m going to say that’s the worst performance I have witnessed under PP.”

“Maybe we should have got McGoldrick. He retained possession well.”

“Beevers and Wheater couldn’t ‘t handle Sharp and Clarke, being properly found out by two supposed journeymen. Their midfield too nippy and sharp for us too, not for first time.”

“Main question seeme to be are Sheffield that good or are we just that bad?”

“We all know what our back line are good at but we also know what tears them to pieces. Movement, quick one touch football and runs in and around them. There are another dozen teams like Sheff United in this league who can do exactly the same to us as they have. We’re banking on getting results against the other dozen or so who don’t do it. Ie: Birmingham’s, Readings etc”

“Even mid table teams in this league play us off the park.”

“Not sure that was a fair contest from the off what with Sheffield United having a weeks rest compared to our game in midweek.”

“It was a reality check because Sheffield United are not a good side. What really worries me is that SU are not a good side and we lost to a very poor today. In May we’ll see who is the better off at the end of the season”

“awful atmosphere apart from the 2,000 Sheff Utd fans, and I even thought they scored after 5 mins when I thought the ball went over the line off the bar. Worst thing is Sheff Utd for me were not as good as Bristol City or B/ham”

“That was so one sided – they reminded me of Wolves last season, only with smaller and quieter support.”

“Big congrats to Sheff Utd on beating a big club away from home in the league”

“We were dreadful but Leon Clarke wearing gloves in August should dock them points.”

“The worst thing about today and the one thing i cant forgive or get my head around was the fact that Leon Clarke was wearing gloves! He had long sleeves on too”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Bolton”
  1. Never felt more comfortable in an away game, Bolton usually push us hard but today was a stroll in the park. Were we that good or Bolton that bad. Anyway, thanks!!

  2. To the person who says it was unfair because we hadn’t played this week. Our match in the week was moved forward a fortnight to accommodate sky. We got pasted by Middlesbrough in the week then beat QPR (away) on the Saturday (who hadn’t played in the week ) Wilder didn’t change our team.Must admit I was expecting the draw.

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