“4-1 in the 93 minute and we give the ball away taking a quick free kick on the edge of our box summed it up. Completely schooled by less talented players. No plan, no imagination. ”

“The players look like they don’t want to play for the manager. Change needed, now .Totally smashed by utd, they should have had 2 or 3 more. Bruces game has always been built on a stubborn defence but he has messed about with it so much its shambolic.”

“Our squad is worth like 10 times what Sheff united’s is and they smashed us too bits ”

“not sure if we just look bad orSheff United look very good”

I find my self watching Sheffield United and I don’t know even one player yet I wish we were them.”

“FFS we played Sheffield not Man City”

“Sheffield played like they do trainning / formation/how to open up angles to receive passes / when to make runs etc during weekdays .. we looked liked 11 individuals that only does physical trainning & basically nothing else .”

“Interesting how Sheffield United have players in a natural position, in a consistent formation they continue to use, with a consistent way they seek to play. That is the sign of a good manager, how is doing a brilliant job there. Very little resources but is taking games to the bigger sides and overachieving. Our manager who has had millions to spend changes formation every 3 months and sticks square pegs in round holes.”

“We actually did well to only lose by 3 Dire dire performance, fair play Sheffield United, ruined us”

” No words really. Could’ve easily been 7 or 8 tbh we were shocking. Simply not good enough against a team put together for a fraction of the cost of a player on our bench. Well played Sheffield Utd”

“And just like that, we’ve not won in 5. Sheff Utd aren’t shite, but dicked by 4? Sheff utd have destroyed us. Could easily of been 7 or 8 and they haven’t really got into full heat. Far far too easy and a thrashing at that. Unforgivable and he has to be removed”

“‘Get spanked by Sheffield untied 4-1 is embarrassing need to sort that shit out”

“We were f*****g outplayed by Sheffield Utd.”

“Sheff utd superior to us in every way. ”

“,Hilarious at Bramall Lane. I’m stood here watching Chris Wilder dick all over Steve Bruce. This game perfectly shows why Bruce is a dinosaur, no idea what to do on the ball never mind off it. Sheff United playing easy triangles up the pitch, modern football”

“They held off after 4”

“Promotion candidates don’t get spanked 4-1 by middle of the roade Sheffield United.Shows where we are.”

“I don’t think that Sheffield played fair today they are supposed to get a goal up and then sit back and defend, not go out and score more this is totally against the rules
Obviously didn’t read the script tossers”

“Aston Villa shouldn’t be conceding 4 to Sheff U”

“From 2nd to 4th to 11th behind the likes of Sheffield Wednesday who had a transfer embargo and other teams that started off shit”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Villa”
  1. to be fair thats what you should have got last season, but you got away with that one, snodgrass scored last minute, we should have had 5 then, so its no fluke, think we won at yours last season as well, dont have to spend millions, last season we didnt get the right players at xmas, i think this year hes brought a bit more quality into the club, and hopefully we’ll be able to do better than last, looking forward to the rest of season, dont know what i think of villa, defence didnt look good and keeper could have saved a couple today, dont think nobody really stood out for you today, grelish looked ok but think he might be better if he stopped all his play acting

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