“A point would have been a fair result and we could easily have snatched it.”

“Sheff U deserved that, ”

“I think much of today’s battering was down to Tettey (one of my favourites) having a poor game. I’ve seen him completely dominate midfields – even in the Prem. – but today he looked tired. I have a horrible feeling he’s getting too old.I did think it was a cracking game today though. Sheffield are a team who apply relentless physical pressure a lot of the time & know how to turn the screw. If we don’t learn how to cope with teams like this we’re gonna be toast.”

“Not battered…….how about……bettered?…..”

“Honestly such a disheartening way to lose. Don’t know whether to be angry at the team or what because we played so well in general in that second half. Defensively disciplined and should’ve won it with the chances we had, Leitner’s being the stand-out. Obviously no-one expected him to match the number of goals Maddison got last season but he simply has to be converting chances like that. At the very least he had Hernandez to his left just knock it to him and he has an open goal. Overall Leitner wasn’t at his best. The rest though all superb. Tettey and Trybull absolute warriors, Hernandez too good for Sheffield United’s backline, Rhodes looking dangerous, Pukki I like more with each game, Jamal looked like he hadn’t been away, Klose in particular at the back was solid, Krul looked reliable. There were so many good performances in there that I just can’t get my head around how we’ve lost.”

“Two glorious chances went missing. Fine margins in this game, but it’s now been an underwhelming start following an underwhelming season. How long does Farke have at this rate?”

“Sheffield United had a good start last season but ultimately finished mid-table like us. Apparently they had a problem with a virus which messed up their preparation for this game, yet we were the ones that you say looked tired towards the end. They made a couple of good signings in the summer (Henderson and Egan),but we can’t use the excuse that we’ve got lots of new players that need to gel because Sheffield United had 6 new players on the pitch today and we had 4.”

“That’s what happens when you miss the chances”

“Again, wasted chances. Could’ve been very different.”

“Yeah if they had taken their chances they would have wiped the floor with us”
“Result doesn’t do the performance justice. Onwards and upwards”
“That’s what we get for trying to waste time for the last 10 minutes. Should have gone for it….poor”
“We need a new coach”
“Let’s stop farke in about and get a manager that knows how to get out of this league”
“he has no clue, we are going down unless he goes back to the 4th tier of german football where he belongs.”

“3 wins in 19 daniel not good”

“playing a physically easily bullied, ball playing defender like Klose against Sheff Utd is not the thing. Play the muscle. Play Zimmermann vs the physical sides.”

“They were as physical as ever”


“And Sheffield are a Shite side too !! Can’t even beat them FFS !!!”

“are more obsessed about beating us than the scum are. Know which Sheffield team I’d rather support”
“Come on people, let’s get behind the team. At least if we do, and we have some luck we might just stay up this year”

“Worst of the summer signings, Ben Marshall ladies and gentlemen.”

“How on earth did we not get Woodburn from Liverpool given the Dortmund link and the better football philosophy compared to Sheff Utd”

“Think Rhodesy enjoyed that one. Blades notsomuch”

“I noticed the lack of noise today Jim – but the style of play sucks the life out of you. We are *** to watch at the moment.”

“Surprised it was as few as 1100 seemed like more. LDC, Utd could well have been out of sight after 20 mins. But yes felt all too predictable in the end. Tbf Farke hasn’t lost the away fans who still travel. But many have obviously simply given up. Things may well look different if we don’t win any of the next three I suspect. ”

“Just come out of the ground. Coaches in a safer position and better organised all round. Lessons learned I hope”

“A message to Sheffield United. YOU ARE DISGUSTING! To hear you’ve chased my friend and his group down the road and glass another fan? Hang your heads in shame”

“Form is temporary, class is permanent. Sheffield fans who glassed a Norwich fan hang your heads in shame. Horrible club”

“Absolutely vile club”

“Must say I’m never going to bramall lane every again”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Norwich”
  1. Havnt heard nothing about a fan getting glassed but if that’s correct it’s disgusting unfortunately every team has there mindless idiots and it wants stopping .One thing that could help is that clubs get on with trying to play football instead of wasting tim and inciting the supporters it’s getting worse it’s not just seeing the last five minutes out which to some extent you can understand but it starts from the first 10-15 minutes of the first half and I think it’s down to the clubs ( all clubs )to cut this habit out because in the long run football is the loser because people will stop watching.

  2. Really sorry to hear someone as been glassed it is a vile act I agree, but don’t think your fans are all angels . Love your your city but hate your jumped up fans .

  3. Agree i abhor the behaviour of of those that glassed a norwich supporter , hope hes ok. As for other comments made , they dont represent the majority of fans of the club. I know some club fans hate our club i think thats more culture thinking than experience. As for the game i thought it was fairly even and a draw would be a fair result , however united kept trying right up to the last minute and got a winner whilst norwich played for time again .

  4. “Vile club” ? “Sheffield united,you are disgusting” Very harsh. That’s my club you’re talking about. Yes, unfortunately we have a small number of fans who are absolute morons as do a lot of clubs,but don’t tarnish the rest of us.I think you should have a word with Rhodes who saw it fit to antagonise supporters on our kop after the goal. Perhaps you should calm down before writing on social media.

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