“I hope it works out well for him. “

“Thanks Conor. Always did his best, never quite worked out for him.”

“Can think of far more players who’ve worn the shirt that I would rather have got rid of. May not score the goals we’d hoped he would but he doesn’t hide and you can’t fault his effort every time he puts on the shirt”

“I think Washington will do well there, there already set up with quick forwards in Sharpe and Clarke so he will just fit in. Probably score 10 goals there now he has left us “

“Good move for all involved and definitely wish him well. He’s not a wage thief but simply hasn’t worked out. “

“I do think he is a good player just some clubs don’t work for certain styles. Wish him well for the future”

“While it hasn’t worked out for him here, I would almost bet that if this goes through he will score a bucketload.”

“There was a player there, somehow it did not work out for him at Loftus Road.”

“There’s always the chance it might work out for him there. Sometimes a player and a club just never fit, so maybe it’ll turn out as an astute signing for them. He was so unlucky the other night when that rocket from him was destined for the bottom corner, only for his only player to deflect it! There’ve been a few moments like that during his time at the club. Saying that, form is temporary and class is permanent. “

“I think we can all see he works his socks off but he just doesn’t get the goals.”

“there is a player in there somewhere works hard just not a goalscorer” “Cant help but like Washington he gave a 100% he just didn’t have the talent or a decent partner up top to really make a difference , I think he would work well with a target man in a 4-4-2 but that’s just my opinion , can’t blame the club they took a gamble and it didn’t pay off , I was quite excited when we got him as it was the sort of signing we should be making “

“it never really worked out, but he always worked selflessly and gave 100%, so no problems with him. Best of luck to him. I can see why they signed him in the first place, he always looked pretty good. A touch more composure and he’d be a quality player. If i’d been scouting him and actually watched him score plenty of goals, i’d have thought it was a good gamble. Shame. “

“think there’s a Championship player in there somewhere. Fresh start probably the best thing for him now. Think he could do better if playing in a more settled side that are going to give him the ball to feet. Sheffield Utd seems a good fit for him.”

“Woudn’t begrudge him being a big success there, and good luck to him. It hasn’t worked out for Conor here, but he’s put in plenty of effort and maybe there’s still a goalscorer in there somewhere.“

“Personally think that Sheffield United would be the right kind of club for Washington. The players there hav a high work ethic and if Chris Wilder can get goals out if Leon Clarke I am sure he can do the same with Washington”

“I can’t help feeling every time I watch him play that there’s a good striker hiding in there and if United can get Leon Clarke to deliver a goal every two games last season then they may just be the ones to unlock his talent.”

“Given what Leon Clarke did last season, under Wilder, it will probably be better for Conor. “

“They made a goalscorer at this level out of Leon Clarke so anything is possible.”

“Leon Clarke isn’t a bad player he was good for us when we signed him under Warnock just seemed to have attitude problems at the time but he’s a miles better player than Washington “

“shame it never really seemed to click for him. Never doubted his work rate and effort, but couldn’t quite pull it off at this level or with us. Complete opposite to the overweight waster that was JET who had talent and skill in abundance, but also the poorest of attitudes.
Tuesday night seemed to encapsulate his time with us. Plenty of running, some good moves and touches without being devastating and the one decent on-target shot he gets off gets cleared by Matt Smith off the line! I wish him better luck than he’s had with us, seemed like a decent bloke. Sod’s law, he’ll tear it all up at Sheff Utd now! “

“he’s not a good finisher. He is fast but if you’re after a goal scorer, poacher, this really isn’t the player for you. He’s frustrating to watch but I wish him well wherever he ends up. Possibly will make it in League 2 but not a Championship standard player”

“It’s pretty difficult to write anything about Washington without being horribly negative, especially after all the awful games I’ve sat through where high balls have been pumped in his general direction. I keep thinking about all the things he can’t do:
– not tall and physical enough to get anywhere near the high balls
– not skillful enough to create something out of nothing
– never in the right place at the right time (e.g. no understanding of where Smith’s nod ons were going to go)
– complete inability to hit the target
On the positive side his running could drag defenders away and create opportunities for other players to score. “ “He seems to do well for NI and they rate him.
But had nothing more than a purple patch at Posh just before we sold Austin. We panicked & overpaid for him.”

“The amount of times a ball drops, is flicked on, is crossed or is passed in the danger zone and Washington is flat on his heals, five or six yards away from it, is staggering for a striker who has scored prolificly, albeit at lower levels. We were watching him do it against Bristol Rovers on Tuesday for a bit (bored) and you can tell by the look on his face after it’s happened that he realises he should have been there, but he just doesn’t have the knack of it.
The great goalscorers of his size, build and style talk about it just being instinctive, just having a nose for a space and where the ball is going to go. Billy Sharp is a realistic target for him to aim for at our level – somebody who struggled to step up from League One to here but has eventually carved out a good living and scored quite regularly. Even he’s always had that nose for where to be in the area. Not sure if it’s a confidence thing, to me he just doesn’t look good enough for the level. Guess we’ll find out if he goes to Sheff Utd. “

“Grafts and runs about. Woeful in front of goal when given any amount of time to think about it. Hasn?t worked out for him here but he?s been utter pony. Best of luck Conner, some important attributes there but similar to wells in style of play it?s just wells scores goals and Conner ….well….he doesn?t”

“He’s not good. He works hard but lacks sharpness of movement. Can’t finish. Can’t dribble one v one. Very weak left foot. Too small to win aerial duels. Unlucky, no confidence ..he is a smart lad and a team player and does dirty work”

“Every manager has given him a chance, albeit he was probably played out of position and in and out of the team when he first arrived.
He has got worse and his confidence has totally gone.
He needs a fresh start and so do we with other forward options. “

“The lad was a grafter but was lacking that bit of quality to perform consistently at Championship level. I wish him luck as he he was a good pro but I think we have sen after one game with Wells and Hemed he was just not at the level we need in this division.”

 “I don?t expect him to suddenly start scoring in championship he?s shown no indication he has ability too”

“he’s quick….however he couldn’t finish his dinner …has the composure of a Virgin teenager in bed with a porn star and that’s being nice”

“None of our managers got the best out of him. Literally had a purple patch for Peterborough that’s all”

“Never in the right place at the right time. No ability to anticipate. Always one step behind the central defender. Never first to the ball.”

“Lost count on how many 1 on 1’s he’s had and hasn’t converted lol”

“He’s missed about 20 1 on 1s. Multiple rebounds. His shots are weak and decision making is poor”

“He’d run after crisp packets, but never manage to catch them. Woeful.”

“He couldn’t hit the bottom corner if he had a funnel going straight from his boot.”

“One of the worst strikers I’ve seen my entire life”

“He’s horrendous”

“he’s league 2 at best”

“Wish him no ill will but he was absolutely pony.”

“Don’t quite understand the logic in Sheffield United wanting him?”

“Why do they want to sign a reject from an awful club, 4th choice at best at us, doesn’t show much ambition from your them really does it ?”

“I didn’t think much to Sheff Utd. Are they not in the relegation mini league?”

By Roy

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