“At 19 years old he has been excellent so far.
Strong in the air and plays through the midfield or long and Has a great playing relationship with Doyle that is getting better each week.”

“I sincerely hope he stays”

“He was wonderful”

“Semple and Doyle look like they have been playing together for years. It will be a shame if they don’t continue after Christmas but no doubt it will be between Sheffield and Queens what happens He is getting games so fingers crossed”

“Callum Semple gets better and better each week and I really hope we keep him beyond January when his loan spell ends, he is certainly destined for a big future in the game”

“Love Doyle and Semple at the back. Big Strong pairing who have really hit it off. One experienced, one only 19 but is so strong for a young lad.”

“Huge signing”

“I am going to chuck Callum Semple name into the mix for an Under 21s call. At only 19 years old he is head and shoulders a better prospect than Harvie at Ayr who has just had a call up. Scottish parents. Maybe playing for Sheffield Utd means it won’t happen.”

“Great display, bust a gut”

By Roy

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