Our players didn’t get too many minutes over the international period but there was still a bit of interesting chat from fans of the Home Nations.

Northern Ireland Fans Views On Oliver Norwood

“apart from spraying s few tasty passes what way does Norwood contribute to the team? its not as if he has many assists, and zero goals”

“im not a big fan of Norwood , the way we sat up & dominated the game against The Republic why do we need him starting?”

“Im a big fan of Norwood but im not sure that there is room for him in there unless trying to play a really defensive set up.”

“Too many games in which Norwood just doesn’t have an impact. I’d like to see McNair ahead of him”

“McNair should be taking Norwood ‘s place for me”

“Did we really miss Norwood at all?”

“I thought we missed Norwood on Sunday. “

“I really don’t get the hate for Norwood . Well liked at club level wherever he goes on loan and at interntationl level plays a role that allows our captain and best player to do his work further up the pitch.”

“Do not drop Olly Norwood”

Scotland Fans Views On John Fleck 

“Is John Fleck international level class? Of course he is. I’ve watched him a few times this season and he’s been on another level. He’s destined for the premier league. He’s a class above any midfielder in the championship, I’ve got a mate who’s a Sheffield fan and he would tell you just how good he is. Can’t believe it’s taking this long and he still hasn’t been called up but then again we are talking about useless mcleish here. Hope the reports are true and he is in the team for the Israel match would be a great decision. There really isn’t anyone more deserving off a call up right now than him, reminds me off the Callum McGregor situation when Strachan was in charge”

“I think you’re massively overstating Fleck’s influence there tbh. Every Sheffield United fan I’ve come across would tell you that Norwood is the difference in their midfield and is the key to their season so far. If you watched the Sheffield derby the other day, then you’d have seen it reflected pretty clearly there. Fleck quietly got on with the job and did ok. Everything impressive and incisive came from Norwood. So Fleck’s not even a class above the midfielders at his own club, let alone the rest of the league. Is he better than Grealish? no. Is he better than Hernandez? no. Leitner? no. Joe Allen? no. Jota? no. Is he playing better than 8 goal callum robinson? no. How about 8 goal Che Adams? nope. You can easily make the case for McGinn.. 2 goals, 4 assists to Flecks 1 and 1. I could go on, but i’m sure everyone’s already bored and gets the point. Fleck hasn’t had a call because center mid has generally been one of the stronger areas of the side for us. I doubt anyone would drop Armstrong, Cairney or McGregor for him. Probably not McGinn either. Most would agree that Christie deserves a call, having not done too bad in the few outings he’s had and his recent form is great both domestically and internationally. Then add in that we basically need to have 2 defensive mids in the squad, and that puts Fleck at best 7th in line for a call, probably 8th.. at best.!”

“Yes Norwood has been getting the prase this season but his consistency over the last 2 season has been key where as Norwood was hit and miss for fullham.. also I do believe he’s better than the likes off grealish and Robinson, Allen, Leitner, Hernandez. Adams shouldn’t really be up for discussion since he’s a completely different player but player wise, yes I confidently believe he’s better than him. Again he deserves his call up and is more quality available to us on the bench.”

“Fleck is a defensive Mid”

“Sorry, but that makes me think you’ve not watched Sheffield United this season. They don’t have a defensive mid. Their entire system is build around being dynamic and players swapping and moving. The midfield 3 of Duffy, Norwood and Fleck all go forward and back, wide and narrow. From what I’ve seen of them Fleck tends to stay in a fairly neutral area, looking to move the ball laterally. Norwood drops deeper to do defensive work, distribute with long balls, and Duffy makes runs ahead a lot of the time. But they’re a very fluid 3, who seems to have a good understanding. Go back 2 season to when Fleck was probably performing better than he is now, and he had Coutts in along side him who was the defensive midfielder. Fleck is somewhat akin to Bannan in that he sometimes plays deeper, but he’s not a defenisve mid, in no world would you want either of them to be the shield ahead of your back 4 and they’re not fighting for squad spots with the likes of McDonald, Shinnie or McTominay. “

“What happened to the guy who got 17 assists in that season 2 years ago? Stepped up to the championship and dropped to 8. Now he’s 1/3rd of the way thru the season and has 1. Is it just a change in system that means he’s passing to overloading players who are then getting the assists? Norwood and Duffy have a few more, so is Fleck the pass before the assist now? Trying to understand why he’s playing better but his numbers have disappeared. Why has no one come in for him? Certainly scouts have been at the lane a fair bit, hence Brooks move. But it seems like Fleck’s not really been on anyones radar as far as I can tell from press. If he’s as good as is being suggested, then why’s he still at the blades? I will give Fleck credit tho. He left Rangers, started at the bottom and worked his way up. Wasn’t always easy, I remember seeing him for Coventry against Leyton Orient a few years back and he was absolutely honking. Among the worst players on the pitch, nothing worked for him at all. But clearly he’s got his head right and worked hard and is not in a much better place playing to a much better standard. So well done to the man. “

Wales Fans Views On Ben Woodburn 


“Woodburn is the player I’d drop from the squad”

“Woodburn has stolen a squad place over the last year. But harsh on him maybe, but you have Evans and Edwards playing really well amd theyve been ignored. Questions have to be asked why”

“Amazing to think that just over 12 months ago we thought Ben Woodburn was the second coming. 12 months on and he’s probably not in the top 5 exciting prospects.”

“Woodburn looked terrible.”

“Very poor”

“What was worse, the refs performance, jack collisons commentary or Ben woodburn?

“been dining out on that goal v Austria for too long. Complete myth.”

“The Sheff Utd manager giving him a run of games would help”

“To be fair when was his last first team football. Been sitting on the bench at Sheffield United ! I can’t believe he can’t get into their side!”

“don’t know what their side is like but they seem to be doing well without him! (at the moment)”

“All the more reason for Ben – if given the chance – to shine even brighter 😉 Don’t take me wrong, I was really impressed by James’ runs and ball control. But Ben has already shown that he can make a difference.”

“Ramsey deserves to be dropped and his place given to Woodburn”

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

“Enda Stevens looks up to the level required and needs to start”

“Starting Stevens is a must”

“Stevens did alright when he came on”

“Made a couple of positive runs early on but forced back by the Peter Ankersen.”

“One of the very few successes of Ireland’s 2018, Stevens has given himself a chance of keeping the left wing-back role if the manager persists with it next year”

“Stevens did fine, and began the game brightly with a slaloming foray into the Danish penalty area in the opening couple of minutes. That reckless abandoned was soon subsumed by the poverty of his team’s approach”

“Good outlet on the left and arguably the best of the left-wing backs”

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On John Egan

“Egan’s use of the ball was very poor, even his body shape when he’s getting it is completely wrong”

“I thought he did ok. “

“looked very comfortable on the left. Worth further looks in competitive action.”

“was forced to cut back inside onto his stronger right foot, which meant the ball often went to Duffy and then back to Randolph and was then hoofed away. Egan was defensively sound though.”

“looked a bit suspect but The best of a bad 3 last night”

“Good player. Don’t fancy him on the left of a three. On the right or in the middle and you’ll get a good performer.”

“Egan would probably be the best passing CB available to us, but he’s probably only the 3rd/4th/5th best defender.”

“Duffy and Kevin Long are our best centre backs, if we must play three at the back then Clark should be there third man.  Egan should be fourth.”

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