“At the time of going to press: the world is shocked that The Queen has got a golden toilet, I’ve put on a(nother) stone of Xmas cheer, and disappointingly for some – Mowbray hasn’t resigned as a result of those late goals. Another tough away trip awaits for this calendar closer, but selfishly – I cannot bloody wait. 
Crazily, we haven’t played at Bramall Lane for over twelve years. 
Only out of League One for a season and a half, the Blades have impressed many with their “Total Yorkshire” tactics and can attack from any area of the pitch. Billy Sharp continues to defy all logic and actually be decent, and their keeper is a coin-throwing nob.
I’d say United are a good bet for the play-offs, and fair dos to them – at least they aren’t bloody Wednesday. 
They have the  oldest professional football stadium in the world and it has the concourses to prove it. 
Bramall Lane was converted from an international cricket ground in the late 19th century but only got a proper fourth side during the 1970s. Centrally located in the city, the stadium is deceptively impressive and quite grand once you get inside, although surprisingly only holds 1300 more than Ewood Park. Sheffield is a fantastic, friendly, football mad city If we get beat, as I expect we will – let’s hope that it is soundly and thoroughly within the first 85 minutes, so that Mowbray can keep his job.
 You never know though… we might be able to shove those Greasy Chip Buttys right down their Yaakshire throats.”

“We won’t let a lead slip here because we won’t get one, this is one i’d expect us to struggle in even if we’d won three on the bounce. We can’t cope with physical sides so i’d be tempted to go and try to get a shut out, ten behind the ball start to finish.,, 0-0.  Mowbray has his teams caught between being a good counter attacking side or a non attack keep ball punt it forwards and hope style but with a formation set to counter. He needs to go one way or the other imo.”

“They’re big powerful side”

“Not a chance on Saturday.
We will concede at least 2 goals.
Our fitness levels are increasingly worrying and it will be no surprise to me if it looks like our 7th game in 7 days!”

“Heavy defeat to round of an awful Xmas period”

“Expecting a loss so will be pleasantly surprised with anything else. Sheffield United were very good at Ewood and we were well beaten. “

” Sheffield United play their system of 3-5-2 where the defenders push very high up the pitch particularly the right and left centre backs of the 3. We couldn’t deal with it at all and pretty sure in the second half we brought on Mulgrew and switched to a similar system to match them up. So I won’t be surprised if we see something similar to the 3-4-3 or whatever it was at Leeds but with Lenihan, Mulgrew and Williams starting as a central 3. Mowbray is mentioning it as a problem in the LT today. “

“For Saturday, I can’t see anything other than another galling defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Something seems to have snapped in this squad, and despite the obvious shortcomings of a basically League 1 playing staff, I think we’ve been found out by the opposition at this level. I’m expecting 3 or 4 goals for the Blades to be honest, with at best a late consolation once they’e put the game to bed. ”

“I fear a thumping. SU will go for the throat. At home to Leeds we had low possession and a poor pass completion rate, I read somewhere it was 57% but that probably includes hoofballs to head, chest and arse. “

“we’ve regressed to the point were we don’t know our best 11 again  and we have no really noticeable method of getting the ball from our box to their box on a regular basis.
I think we’ll struggle but I’ll consider it a success if we manage to play out the last ten minutes or so with the ball more in their half than ours. When you have all your players back in the last third you’ll struggle no matter what level your playing at. It’s as simple as that really.”

“I expect a real tense nervy game. I think we will be tighter than ever at the back. Still expect us to concede”

“We up our game against the better sides”

“We cannot keep playing well and not win one of these matches”

“Their record to date is W12 D5 L7 so they obviously include a few off days in their bag of fancy tricks. And they have only scored two more than we have let in…. “

“I’d love a manager like the guy at Sheffield United. He may come across as a knob but he keeps it simple and is efficient. The manager we have at the moment wants to play Pep football and formations on low championship wages.   Two decent quick wingers and the games become much simpler. I personally don’t feel massive loyalty to the guy and if we come close to the bottom 3 I would hope some boots up arses are handed it. It’s to comfy comfy at this club. Perform well or pack your bags. Both players and staff.”

“Sheff Utd away and WBA at home – even the most rose-tinted of Rovers fans would be bold to see us getting a point or more there. Say it is indeed then 1 win in 10.”

By Roy

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