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The traditional boxing Day fixture this season see us make the shirt trip up the M1 to play the blades. Fingers crossed we don’t have the same performance/result as last year up there (still brings back bad memories ) . Sheffield United are on a bit of a bad run and although we’ve not been convincing of late we are now on a 4 match unbeaten run . “

Our only hope of 3 points is if  there boys have been out on the lash,
Jokes, we can win as long as we play like we did against them at pride park.”
 “Be under no illusion the Blades are due to turn it around.
I am told(by the Blades at work)that they thoroughly outplayed Ipswich but are struggling in front of goal.
Please Lord not a repeat of last years Bramall Lane comedy of errors. “

“To be fair, completely outplaying Ipswich is nothing much to shout about. “

“We raised our game when we played them at home. Let’s hope that the away return gets us going similarly.”

“Think we can beat Sheffield, we’re going to struggle more with Norwich.”

“Draw would be ok here but I fancy us to actually capitalise on some good early play so I will go 0-1 with waggy continuing his rehabilitation towards cult hero status”

“I can see us winning but we needn’t to play better than Saturday. I will be happy with anything but a loss. A point is good away and a win is super.”

“Unfortunately I think it may be a loss”

“Both teams will play cagey and not wanting to lose the match”



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