“Fair play to Sheff Utd. Proper club and fans, highlighted if it was ever needed how shit our home support is, got behind their team, shouted for everything and made it hostile, everything we don’t. Pulled their team through”

“Thought they were much better first 20, we played well for 25 minutes for the rest of the half. Didn’t really threaten bar that one Wilson chance. It’s all well and good looking pretty for 20 minutes but we just didn’t capitalise. Didn’t deserve to go in 1-0 down but not sure we deserved to be winning either.
Second half we didn’t have a sniff. Thought McGoldrick went down like a pansy but wouldn’t have argued if it had been given. Carson is always in the thick of it at their place, what the fuck was the back pass decision all about. Bizarre.”

“Bullied and out muscled all over the pitch unfortunately, leading to lack of simple ball control and the inability to find a team mate. Can’t remember their keeper making a save”

“they were visibly rattled after the goal and we did nothing to panic them after. We actually let them gain control and score!”

“we’d just scored out of nowhere and then I don’t think we strung 3/4 passes together after it!”

“Keogh can’t head properly, he can’t kick properly, his awareness and positioning are both terrible, he’s always sliding in/selling himself, I can’t speak for other players but they can’t have much confidence playing next to him, we’ve not progressed an inch in the 300 (how?) Games he’s played. Even his hair is poo. Enough or shall I carry on?”

“Anyone who thinks Keogh had a bad game or is the cause of our defensive problems dimly can’t let go of the past and is holding a grudge.
The only player willing to make things happen with the ball. Bailed out his fellow defenders on several occasions. He is not responsible for both Tomori and Wisdom giving Sharp a free header and Carson casually folding to the ground. 
He’s not responsible for Tomori completely losing McGoldrick and failing to get back and challenge him. He is not responsible for Bogle losing his man and then deflecting the ball away from Carson.
Our wingers did not do enough to combat the threat of Sheffield United’s wing backs. Time and time again Bogle and Wisdom were left in two on one situations as Jozefzoon and Wilson didn’t help them out well enough. I think Waghorn and Bennett (if fit) would’ve been a much better fit for this game.”

“Keogh best player on the pitch today for me.”

“Tomori may as well not have been playing today – couldn’t cope with either Sharpe or McGoldrick.”

“We made Leon Clarke look like Ronaldo “

“We’re not very good to be honest. Defence is a shambles, it’s embarrassing. Lampard is doing a good job though & needs to chill out a bit. He doesn’t look happy at the minute and seems to be taking it out on everybody but his players.”

“If no investment in better players is forthcoming we’ll continue going nowhere.”

“We’ve spent 15 mill. How much more do we need?!”

 “Don’t know why but that performance has left me feeling particularly annoyed. Sheffield United are a good team but from what iv seen recently we have got no chance of promotion. We seem to have gone backwards.”

“A well organised team who played to their strengths and all knew their jobs.
In contrast, we were, not for the first time in the last month, a team of eleven individuals.”

“Expected win today, really did. Don’t think they’ll go up at all. Leeds play great football, top manager……. I really really do not like saying that, trust me. They are stand out to me, Norwich, how can they exist on late goals like that, got to be a stat busting ratio. Still, ‘tis the season etc etc boys and girls. Alcohol awaits…….apologies in advance to you tee totallers. Some clubs have spent far more than us but are looking up at us and would love to be where we are, please consider that. Won’t mention names or clubs but, hey Gary your trainers are crap and erm how much have you spent?”

 “thought we played well in the first half. Two lino decisions twice stopped marriott when he was onside. But billy sharp is a bloody handful. Not sure what the goal celebration was all about. Wonderful free kick. For me that was his best yet. And no it wasn’t a penalty. Mcgoldrick went down under no pressure as soon as he felt tomori touch him.
Second half became a battle. we lost out in a physical scrap, and the subs seemed to make us worse. The last goal was poor and the scoreline flattered them a bit. When moves break down we are very vulnerable to the counter and we got rattled.
but tbh i expected a narrow defeat.”

“They were no great shakes offensively, but very well organised, knew how they were going to attack and their strikers were always in the game.”

“SU didn’t look great we made them look average. Disappointed with that. Bullied off ever ball in midfield and shaky defensively, Frank looks like he’s ages 10 years” 

“Sheffield Utd no chance of goin*up that I know” 

“We will see them in Championship next year”

“The difference between our reaction to conceding and United’s is what won them the game. They immediately started shithousing, conned the ref into booking Keogh and had their fat little ******** of a manager jumping up and down on the touchline complaining about everything. We rolled over and played dead.
Don Goodman is a rick of the highest order. The fact he can sit and watch a slow motion replay of McGoldrick’s pathetic penalty appeal and still insist it should’ve been given is a new low, even by his own myopic standards.”

“Don Goodman your a disgrace after 9 replays I showed my 9 year old with no sound on the so called penalty moment and he said nothing happened. Sky TV have a look at yourself. Come to think of it, Don you could have played for us and done more than our midfield did.”

“Sheff U got a lot of borderline decisions, but they’ll still whinge about how the ref was somehow against them. Love a whinge more than a win!”

“Sheffield United will be happy. They’ve won and will still find a way to whinge about the ref. “

“shizen as we’ve been, we don’t have to have Billy Fluffing Sharpe as our hero. Sheff Utd along with Sunderland have to be the blandest teams in the country.”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Derby”
  1. Needed your 9 year to confirm it for you ? Hmm.
    We started shithousing ? Ok ,ye.No mention of how bad your team was 2nd half.Was a excellent free kick,no doubt about that.
    We love other teams “bouncing” . Inspires us. Was expecting more from Derby . Predicted 1-1 before the game. Perhaps your rookie manager still has plenty to learn

  2. God what a load of whinging old Ramsbottoms ,every time they were tackled they went down like Weinstein on an actress ,they depend heavily on Wilson and Mount (sounds like a firm of solicitors or a Hollywood songwriters )and if they are shackled then it’s goodbye points

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