“Was outplayed by the best team I’ve seen at the Dw this season”

“May take some stick for this but I don’t think there was much in the two teams today (and stats agree). A few key moments and a severe lack of confidence killed us. Sheff Utd reminded me of our Roberts and Ellington days, 442 with two awesome forwards”

“glad I walked out absolutely shocking we have heavy artillery but it’s on the bench and our only defensive midfielder was taken off and from then on they ripped us apart no disrespect to sheff Utd they were a great team” “Apart from the tactics, work ethic, game plan, movement, quality and chances there was nothing between the teams.”

“Difficult to know where to start analysing that debacle. For starters I’ve experienced more atmosphere at a funeral. I guess we’ve all seen the film before and knew what was coming.”

“We can say all we want about the opposition but look at what a mess Sheffield were in 3 years ago when they were mid table in L1. They hired a lower league manager and their current squad is made up of a lot of players we could’ve potentially / realistically had on a free or for cheap over the past few years so they aren’t like a Villa or West Brom with Prem players and parachute money we can’t compete with. Sheffield just have a good positive system that plays to their strengths and they’ve recruited smartly in exactly what they needed in every position to make it all work. They aren’t a crazy expensive team filled with big name super stars we could never have hoped to get here, they are just a great example of what a club like ours can aspire to if we can get it right – especially on tge recruitment front. Easier said than done but it is proof that you don’t have to spend a kings ransom finding good players who can compete at this level if you have a good eye for talent.”

“Sheffield were hungrier, better fitness levels. solid shape, higher up the pitch and fully deserved their win. We did not create a single chance from open play. Aside from a spill from their keeper.”

“Watching Sheffield play today gives us an idea where we need to be.
I don’t think they were at their best but they were a million miles ahead of us and our bumbled efforts.”

“a team very low on confidence played a team very high on confidence the result says it all if Evans would have stuck that chance away could have been a different performance not saying we would have won like” “We should’ve had Fleck on a free when we went up under Caldwell as Sheff U were only L1 and we were Championship – he was clearly a good player worth taking on a Bosman from seeing him in L1. He was one of the lads i hoped we’d go for along with Dack. “

“The fact that Sheff Utd signed Fleck for a free transfer and Norwood for cheaper than Evans says it all about how far behind our recruitment is. “ .”A player that was promoted with Brighton, then Fulham and now pushing again with Sheffield united is surely worth more then 1 million. “

“Sheffield will pay 1.98 million for Norwood, basically 2million which is a steal for a player of his experience and quality”

“Lots of poor performances, Evans was woeful, even though he created our best two chances. Took one corner in the entire game at the 85th minute, also the chance in the first half after he won a tackle high up the pitch then reacted before 3 Sheffield defenders and put it wide from close range. With Egan most likely blocking it if it was on target, still a very poor miss. Not too mention his close range passing was very poor. Worst game for us in all of his time here. “

“If the great Lee Evans who everyone wants in the side wasn’t inept then we would have been 1 up.”

“Walton was abysmal again as was Evans and Roberts.”

“We have a lack of confidence. Its clear. Evans missing and Walton being shite are not Cooks fault.”

“They scored 1 in the first half they scored 2 in the second, it’s how football goes sometimes! Or according to some! The set up today was poor and we created fuck all bar one really bad miss from a player who was so far up the field he had a nose bleed!”

By Roy

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