“Sheffield United next so that will be 1 win in 14 great going the team and cook. Laugh a minute this”

“This is a must win game for Paul Cook and his coaching staff and I’d like to see us take the game to Sheffield and give them something to worry about instead of the cautious approach we’ve had of late. A loss could well see action from the owners to change the coaching set up. Ultimately its all about results and we are not winning enough to stay in this division at presents.”

“4th place up next. I’d take a point, supported by a decent performance right now. I’d also take a win, not justified by a shite performance…….. as it wouldn’t be detrimental in the long run. I’m just amazed that folk didn’t expect this season to realistically be a bit of a struggle. ”

“We did but we were all expecting our sides whoever is selected to go out and play an attacking positive game as promised by Paul Cook at the begining of the season.”

“Of course it was at times going to be a struggle thing is the majority of struggles have been self inflicted due to the negative tactics employed by the manager since the gubbing at Preston.
The change yesterday first half was a welcome last roll of the dice IMO.
Once the advantage had been gained the bottle seemed to go and was then compounded by questionable subs
Only upside is we didnt lose. If we had carried on being positive and claimed 3 points confidence and mood would have changed as it is any side who have a go at us are likely to prosper.”

“I think what is surprising is that after playing so well following our tactical switch against Derby, we haven’t carried on in the same way (with 11 players obviously). I would go the same way on Tuesday as we need to have the extra man in midfield against Sheffield to limit the supply to their lively front two”

“the Swansea manager apologised to Fans for getting his tactics wrong in the first half which played into our hands. The second half was Swanseas after he rectified his error, SU wont make the same mistake, for this one, our players will have to work their backsides off for us to get a point, there again lady luck could be on our side for this one.”

“maybe a 5-5-0 for this one. Hopefully we just sit on the nil-nil from the off, play plenty sideways and backwards passes and the big boot to no bugger up top. No doubt that would be the right way to play rather than just go at them from the off.”

“From what I’ve seen Sheffield play variation of a 3-4-3 with the wing backs attacking like wingers and the left and right centre half acting like full backs. They play a system bit like what we did in that 4 month epic spell under Roberto when we went from garbage to world beaters almost over night but instead of having the left and right of the front wide they play more of a triangle with a main pairing and one behind. So i think the 4-1-4-1 we used in the first half against Swansea would be a sensible way to go as they are very fluid in their shape so we will need to control the midfield if we want to have any hope of getting a result.”

“If the deal hasn’t gone through for Lee Evans can we pull out of the deal, save our money and get someone better.”

“I thought it was a deal worth more than a million. That said they seem delighted they’re getting that amount. Can’t say I’ve been overly impressed this season myself, no better than max power in all honesty.”

“He’s too slow”  

“It doesn’t help Evans being paired with Sam Morsy in midfield as I’ve seen oil tankers turn faster than them both.”

“Sharp to break the all time English goals record.”

“Billy Sharp will break his record on New Years Day”

“Do the Sheff Utd fans not sing Billy Sharp to the tune of Baby Shark?”

“Chris Basham being sent off for Sheff united will help us”

By Roy

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