” On the plus side, we don’t have to play Sheffield Utd again in the league this season.. “

“Sheff utd were one of my picks to go up this season – and nothing I saw today changed my mind. And honestly, I hope they do go up. Just because if we’re gonna get dicked 3-0, at least it was to a team that got promoted…”

” At the end of the day, we’ve just played the top two in the Championship and the best team to visit Ewood this season. It was always gonna be tough. “

“They are top of the league for a reason”

” If Ben Brereton is worth £7 Million then what is Billy Sharp worth? A quality striker and the difference today. “

” Sure as the sun sets. Sharp scores”

” The one quality striker on the pitch and he makes the difference. What do we do leave our best striker on the bench, start the dud Brereton and are now playing without a striker.”

“God 3-0, that’s a drubbing from the position we were in. When I checked and saw 0-0 and an extra man, I had a feeling we would win 1-0. Christ this is getting annoying ”

“We cant defend leads in 90th min. We cant even score against 10 men, We have no ideas how to attack 10 men even when we have 11 men. The mentality in the team is so wrong. “

“We have an advantage, do nothing with it, and then everything falls apart. Our results are becoming all too predictable. “

” Today’s game in a nutshell. 11v11 comfortable. 10v11 well in control. 10v10 imploded. Serious Lack of confidence in the squad when we concede”

” I stand by mowbray did the right thing today regarding the line up. I haven’t seen the game so no comment there but players had a chance today and blew it. Whether down to tactics, substitutions, player quality or desire to surrender like that is not acceptable. A loss was virtually inevitable , to lose by that margin something drastic is wrong. “

“No team when 0-0 Against 10 men should lose by 3 goals and counting. Not even amateurs. Shocking. “

” Against 10 men again and we play for a point. Any other side would go for it. Getting boring now. Constant negative tactics.”

  “Constant passing at the back ain’t gonna worry Sheffield”

” 70 minutes of solid hard work undone in under 15 minutes. Terrifying thing about Rovers is the speed with which we collapse. “

“Pathetic, weak group of players & manager. Thick as pig shit the lot of them. “

” We had that game there for us and then we ended up bottling it. “

” Weird game. First half I thought was 1000% better than the stale old shite we’ve been watching since the QPR game. Smallwood was having a great game, Travis and Reed were providing the urgency we usually lack in midfield and Rothwell and Palmer were inventive on either flank. Without unduly threatning Brereton looked a very mobile outlet and at half time I was very happy. Second half the worst thing that could have happened was them going down to ten. We seemed to lose all our urgency and started to knock the ball out aimlessly sideways and backwards as is our wont. Still no major need to panic at that stage though. However I thought the manager got the subs completely wrong. If he was bringing  Brereton off, Graham needed to come on and taking Palmer off was really harsh as he’d had a good game I thought. Armstrong came on and started on the right wing then floated about a bit and barely touched the ball. With Dack dropping deep the changes left us a goal down and no-one up front. “

“Mowbray went with a brave team who took the game to Sheffield United and then made unnecessary changes. You would think we were at man down at some point in that game such was the capitulation. We went from being in control to an absolute hammering and it was the result of the changes. “

“We seemed to have held our own, they were down to 10 men. Smallwood, and woeful substitutions (again), have done for us. “

” Can we be anymore pedestrian in possession. Never a red card, ref was dying to even it up. “

“I’d like to see the sending off again. Smallwood may have gone in slightly studs up but it was a split second thing and the referee who’d been getting the bird off the crowd couldnt seem to wait to pull a red out and even it up. “

“Watched our red two or three times – some matches it wouldn’t even be a yellow (especially when you consider earlier Sheff Utd challenges). However Smallwood is stupid to give the referee the opportunity – which you could tell he had been waiting for by the speed he got his card out (good referees give themselves time to process what they have seen).

“He dived in to a stupid tackle that he didnt really need to make taking both one of their players and Bennett out ”

” Smallwoods ridiculous challenge was clearly meant as revenge on Sharp for his foul on Travis moments earlier. Given how Travis was banished from the team after his stupid sending off last season, I’d hope the same is applied to Smallwood. “

“Totally unbelievable.  Smallwood damn fool. “

” if Smallwood hadn’t got himself sent off today, we would have definitely only lost by 2.”

” Joe Rothwell in the last 2 games: Leeds away – His lazy clearance invited more unnecessary pressure which led to the winner Sheff Utd away – Dived in the box which allowed them to counter and score their second Can’t say I’m a huge fan yet “

” Dean Henderson’s still a monumental bellend”

” Thinking of the two Sheffields, I much prefer the Wednesday one… “

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Blackburn”
  1. Credit to rovers for turning up for parts of the game, I was asked at half time , what will the score be, I said 3.0, could see it a mile off, get the 1st then they will implode. Credit to the fans, good support and making them self heard, untill it went 1.0 .
    Sheff United looking looking good, still early days but a good win today.

  2. According to one of our fans in other blades group

    Absolutely disgusted in the Blackburn rovers fans today. Not only where they throwing coins at deano, they then started throwing things at us home fans after the 3rd goal went in. The 1st 2 rows of gangway h in the family stand was full of the junior blades under 8s who had to move as they we the ones getting hit. I hope the police catch the culprits and ban them!! ?

  3. Always interesting to hear an alternative view, one thing we can definitely agree on is the game changed following the Smallwood sending off and a very poor refereeing display. Mowbray must have been spitting feathers, he’s still a good manager.

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