Villa Fans

“Paid over the odds for him, never lived up to the price tag.
Confidence shot to pieces, needs game time. “

“High hopes for us but didn’t work out for him. Hopefully he moves on and he scores goals. Great poacher but not much else and we didn’t play to his strengths”

“One of them players who you want to do really well but doesn’t do well unless he gets the service”

“If you play his style he makes runs the villa mid never use to see, will score goals now u watch”

“Good center forward . If service is right quick good movement runs channels well . We just don’t play to his strengths. Glad to see him get a chance at another club he’ll score goals”

“I’m tempted to say it’s the Villa Effect, we seem to make seemingly good players rubbish. ”

“Not as good as billy sharp”

“He’s basically had less than a seasons worth of games at this level (32), hardly a good enough sample size to say with confidence that he’s actually any good.”

“He just isn’t very good. He barely touches the ball, his first touch and passing is abysmal and his finishing is vastly overrated.”

“I think he had a purple spell where the design of the team, confidence and manager’s faith all aligned for him to do well. One hit wonder. Partly he has been unllucky initially, as after buying him, Bruce played him in a completely different formation, asking different roles that he was ill suited to play in the first place, which was therefore a waste of everyone’s time. Confidence dropped, some injuries, and lack of chance to settle into a side geared up for him have done the rest. Now he’s behind Tammy Abraham, ( obviously ) and offers nothing new. Even with Dean Smith here, he’s evidently not impressing well enough in training. I don’t like to see players struggle or fail so I hope he does do well – aside from where it hinders Villa obviously – elsewhere, but I suspect he peaked and was sold when his value was at it’s highest”

“He had one small spell of excellence. The fact is he is not an excellent player at this level. ”

“He was never really excellent, he had 1 patch of fantastic form that he has never come close to repeating as he lacks certain attributes, such as the ability to control the ball, or pass, or shoot, or head it. Other than that he’s OK, apart from being quite injury prone”

“had a very good 30 game spell for Brentford. He has never been excellent”

“Agent Hogan to be deployed to stop Sheffield United’s playoff push!  Very underhand but I like it!”

“I know …getting rid of hogan is like signing 2 players…hope its in the contract that he has to play ..!!!”

“An utter disaster of a signing.  A complete panic buy of a player who had a purple patch. We were well and truly done”

“why on earth would we potentially strengthen teams we are trying to catch ? if they want to buy him great but to loan him to them would be stupidity. “

Brentford Fans

“Hogan is a strange one especially as Dean knows his strengths. I rate Hogan and think hes a top finisher given the game time. “

“Absolute goal machine for us, Villa don’t know what tod o with him. I imagine Sheff Utd would be a much better fit. “

“Hogan is ok if the team play everything through him, he is not a team player. “

“Might just get Sheff Utd up. “

“he’s going to a club far better placed than Villa. Could be a shrewd signing if he hits form and scores 10 goals for them.”

” part of that slow sequence of stepping-stone moves back home that players start to make in their mid-20s if their career isn’t progressing. Hogs will probably be back at Rochdale at the age of 30 if he carries on this trajectory.”

“This trajectory is a team competing for automatic promotion, not too bad.”

“I think we did brilliant business in getting what we did before add ons given his horrendous injury record. “

“People think Scott Hogan is talented still. Even Dean Smith knows that 6 month patch at Brentford was a fluke and that he’s actually fucking shite”

“He’s played pretty much half a season (for us) in almost five years. Okay, he was as clinical a finisher as we’ve seen in that short period but who is going to gamble paying money for him on that sort of appearance record? “

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