“Gutted isn’t a strong enough description but we’ve played well today, freak results will happen we’re virtually guaranteed a play off spot so the first time in years our season is going to run until the end”

“I know we can’t let this game define our season but feels crushing, physically and mentally. Big 9 games to follow and no longer in our hands. Let’s hope this game isn’t the difference between automatic and play offs. I don’t think I could deal with play offs!”

“It feels a lot better having played well. Had a bad feeling at half time we had missed The boat. We’re at the point now though where we can’t afford to drop many if any more points. Seven clean sheets in a row for Sheffield is terrific form”

“I think Wilder got it spot on, which really pains me to say…. they didn’t press us…. just let us have the ball in our own half… and kept it tight in their half…. Wilder sussed out that we get anxious if we don’t score…. they had 30% and 10 shots compared to our 70 % and 17 shots…. this really worries me…. it’s the blueprint of how to beat us…”

“At least we played well Sheffield can’t defend like that for what’s left of the season they’ll drop points”

“Sums up most of our losses this season. Don’t take chances, killed by individual errors.Bit more composure and we’d be as good as up all ready.
Don’t feel we’ve had the breaks and Got mugged today.We dust ourselves off and go again. One of Norwich or the blunts will blink in the run in. , need to make sure we we don’t too. “

“Gutted for the lads cos Sheffield United did not deserve 3 points but when you don’t put your chances away then you can get punished.”

“Dominated game. Couldn’t finish.”

“they mugged us – as we mugged them at their place in December, two draws would have been about right – so we both gain 3 points each instead of two!…. Hows that for a positive slant?
Stop moaning we played well, missed a couple of golden opportunities to go ahead and generally were the better team. We will beat most teams in this division. “

“We can also say that SU had a great chance before half time but fluffed it. It’s about scoring goals not if’s and maybe’s. The fact is SU have a better defence and score more goals and sit above Leeds in the league. Leeds might play some very attractive football and have most possession but unless they convert chances and stop making mistakes at the back it’ll be playoffs. “

“They’ve scored one more goal and they’ve had far more penalties than we have.”

“We were unlucky in some respects but eventually just have to admit some teams are more consistent.”

“They didn’t make the mistake we did. They scored we didn’t. That’s what will take them up.”

“Their defence will get them up. Ours is shaky and I just wish they’d stop jumping in trying to win the ball first when it’s obvious the attacker has it”

“Forget top 2. SU aren’t going anywhere but up. Their defence is immense and hardly any team will score against them the rest of the season. “

“Sheffield utd defended excellently.”

“We were the better side by far but didn’t take our chances”

“Nothing in today’s performance that was bad apart from the usual failure to convert chances. Harrison’s volley, Roberts hitting the post, Jannson’s miss were all great chances so all the praise for Sheff Utd’s defence doesn’t really sit well with me. On another day they concede 3 or more. 17 shots we had 0 on target that is the crux of today’s performance. Sheff Utd had less chances, only had 1 on target but scored. They didn’t even create the goal we gifted it to them.”

“The pressure’s now off us and on them, let’s see how they handle it. Alioski was also pushed in the back in the box by Baldock second half, not even considered by the ref. We’ve had sh it refs all season.”

“baldock should of seen red first half, we hit the post and gifted them there goal. We were unlucky.”

“Alioski knocked down in their box no foul seconds later Sharpe knocked down in Leeds half ref gives a foul for similar contact. if there is any luck in game it rarely falls to Leeds. “

“Alioski is an olympic class diver. “

“Basham shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Hate Sheffield Utd, always have.”

“Refs have bottled sending players us off against us v Brentford, Nottingham Forest (away), Blunts (2 away, 1 at home), that’s 5 red cards off the top of my head. We’ve had one red card against us in two seasons, Bristol City at home which Johnson cried about even though it was blatant. Promotions are won and lost on these things. ”

“Just one of those days. Blunts came with a plan and it worked. They defend as a team. We rarely do. No point blaming the subs either when they came on we had a couple of golden chances. They didn’t go in.”

“One of those days when you outclass the opponent and lose ..Poor reffing hasn’t helped”

“Rank bad result, got beat by a team that just came to rough us up and hoped for 0-0.Very unjust result, but yet again we failed to take our chances.
Still 8 games to go and we’re only a point behind them. They mugged us today – w**kers”

“Sheffield united had a bit of luck, defended well and everything that could go wrong for ys did.”

“Unfortunately promotions are won on luck and we’ve had none all season while Blunts and Norwich have had so much. Another ref bottling a red card against us, these things cost promotions.”

“we’ve had no luck when blunts and Norwich have had it in spades.”
“Blades are jammy bastards who deserved nothing today.
Hopefully Norwich and SU’s luck runs out and we start getting it all.
What I saw today we are a miles better football team than Sheffield United”

“They got all the luck and we got nothing. “

“they are due to lose a bit of luck at some point”

“They are on a great run at the moment, as are Norwich. We had ours coming up to the new year. Theirs will end at some point, whether we are breathing down their necks when it happens is entirely up to us.
was all set up for a Leeds win and we got mugged.
Sheff UTD have a few tricky games to come (as do we) so its still all up for grabs.”

“Some blades fans think they are already there..we’ll see.”

“Just don’t want to think of another season in this shitty league. Sky moving all our games, Keith Andrews talking bollocks, losing our best players, 10 men behind the ball every game. Not going up after the way we’ve played would be both disastrous and unfair”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Leeds”
  1. Not had any luck ? Have they seen how many points they’ve took in extra time or when they came to lane and deano put it on a plate for them.

  2. Nice to see some common sense views from most Leeds fans. The only stat that matters is the one in top left hand corner, 0-1

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