Ireland Fans On McGoldrick

“Was a strong option for Ireland up front, consistently making himself available to be found down the flanks. Was unlucky when his goal-bound flick from a Coleman cross was blocked by a defender.He provided the assist for the opener, finding Hendrick well with a tidy pullback. A decent reintroduction to the international scene.”

“McGoldrick was excellent for the goal, tidy player”

“Brilliant play from McGoldrick & good finish Hendrick!”

“Was decent today” “Mcgoldrick > Ozil”

“looked decent on the ball tonight”

“I thought Hourihane was our best player, McGoldrick was alright. Nobody else offered anything”

“He set up our goal. Been busy. Decent enuf today i think”

“McGoldrick is like Bobby Firmino. Needs quality round him. People know fuck all about football man”

“Chris Wilder must have David McGoldrick gumming coke constantly when he’s playing for blades, looked shite here “

“Mcgoldrick and a football is a miserable combination!”

“McGoldrick is a pile of Shit seriously”
“He’s actually muck”

“David McGoldrick being allowed to call himself a striker is injustice to strikers and the sport of football as a whole. Absolute joke”

“mcgoldrick, rubbish isnt the word”

“David McGoldrick is the worst football player that’s ever played for Ireland.”

“David Mcgoldrick isn’t even related to a footballer”

“Surely McGoldricks last cap, nowhere near the level required”

“Anna McGoldrick would make more of an impression than her namesake”

“McGoldrick, Stevens and McClean looked dire

Ireland Fans Views On Stevens

“With Stephen Ward retiring, there is a big opportunity for him to nail down the left-back berth. Picked up silly booking for kicking the ball away.” “Stevens a rare positive tonight”

“He reminds of one of the great left backs of international football at the time that got his career ended so quickly by a criminal kick. JIM BEGLIN.”

“Had nothing to do defensively, but did not really display that trademark cavalier style we have become accustomed to seeing at Sheffield United. Gibraltar got some space down the left in the closing stages, which was not helped by McClean’s uncharacteristically porous nature in front of him.”

“Stevens’ use of the ball was terrible.”

“Stevens didn’t complete one successful pass id say. Either a hoof up the line or out of play.” Was rubbish like the rest of our outfield.”

“Gotta give credit to Wilder. He gets the best out of his players like Stevens and McGoldrick”

“Sheffield United’s style does suit having a wing-back in a back three though. It is quite cavalier.”

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One thought on “Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On McGoldrick and Stevens against Gibraltar”
  1. God some of you know fuck.all about football maybe its the shit mcgoldrick and Stevens are playin with is the problem sheff utd are better than Ireland fact

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