“In my lifetime I don’t recall a season with so many convincing away wins at tough places, today might be the best of the lot. With ten games to go, easily our hardest fixture left delivered a stunning 3 points and you couldn’t say we didn’t deserve it.
Besides a dubious Blades opener waved on by pantomime anti-City ref Linnington, only a mid second half purple patch from the hosts made it a contest, otherwise it was all City, back from international break with a clear gameplan and lots of energy.
City deserved both of their equalisers but given the visitors poor run its unlikely that anyone at Bramall Lane anticipated that we had a winner in us, and yet after finally fading 55 minutes in, City somehow round a decisive second wind led by their subs. Exactly what we deserved after dominating at Bramall Lane. “

“Completely unexpected performance over the 90 for me and totally deserved our win. 
In some ways reminded me more of last season than this. We seemed to me much sharper at closing down and created a lot more, sometimes at the risk of giving away more chances ourselves. Sheff Utd really had both their best spells when level the first two times, and seemed to go in to their shell more when leading. If we had drawn 2-2 would still have come away happy from a good performance.”

“Sheffield Utd are a good team (though probably not at their best): very solid, move the ball reasonably well and find space in the final third. But we were, aside from the first 10 min and a 10 min period in the second half, simply the better team.”

“Their keeper should have saved first one”

“What a performance and win, deservedly won that”

“Very very big result . Needed it after recent rubbish”

” Did not expect that my God thank you for this moment”

“When was the last time we have 9 shots on target in a game?? Especially against a side like Sheff Utd at Bramall Lane!”

“Thank you Bristol City FC for a superb result against a very good team. Support was class too.
Will be walking around for the rest of the weekend with a huge smile on my face!”

“We go sixty years without a win there and since Cotts team, we are their bogey side. Great three points. Well done everyone, coaches, players and fans”

“Brilliant day out, excellent entertainment and a fantastic tactical victory (so that’s another double for the best English manager outside the Prem) “

“Both times LJ has matched up Sheffield Utd and gone three at the back and come away with 3 points.”

“Dont think SU wanna meet us in the play offs, 3 defeats for them in the last 3 competitive games since they got promoted” 

“There’s an oft quoted stat that “Sheffield United have never lost a game under Chris Wilder in which Billy Sharp has scored”, a record getting on for 60 games  
Well, they can’t quote that any more!”

“AVE THAT Billy Sharp you dognonce!”

“Sharp is a *****”

“That odious little shit Sharpe has always given it the big one when scoring against us.”

“Not just us, he gives it to every club he scores against, even Donny who looked after him so well when he lost his kid. Proper little shithouse, that bloke”

“Would have loved to see Wilders face at the end”

“I`m just looking forward to all his bitter excuses about how we cheated our way to a win against his little angels.
Poor man`s Neil Warnock.”

“No excuse for that at all for the fan being assaulted. Hope the poor chap is okay and the idiots damaging our reputation are identified.”

“Not condoning what happened and hope the SU fan is okay but Sheff Utd have some of the scumiest fans around and getting on their high horse about something their fans are more than happy to get involved in and in fairly large numbers I find quite ironic.”

“Regardless of what happened after the game, I wish the injured Blades fan a speedy recovery. “

“This is exactly why I have stopped watching football at that level.  Most fans are BREXIT UKIP morons …” 

“Spent the day in Sheffield. Friendly fans all over the town. a great place to watch football.”

“In Sheffield now having some drinks. Lovely people. Wish we could do a bit better, hopefully claims are untrue. “

“Exactly this, always a great day in Sheffield, the best “big city” away day in our division by far (relative to your Leeds, Birmingham, London etc) and I always think our Northern equivalent as a city and a place to go too, lovely places to drink, decent people, yes passionate and always an atmosphere but respectful and know their football and no trouble that is worth broadcasting.
As such it really doesn’t always need highlighting that something kicked off anymore than anyone would take the trouble to report that it kicks off in any city centre on a Saturday night between a minority with no self control. It is totally unrepresentative of the experience, yes a few SU always look for it outside a lot more than Wednesday, but zero issue unless you’re being an idiot too. 
For one thing in the division apart from Sheff Utd only Ipswich, Brentford and QPR let you out directly onto a public street among home fans and probably only Ipswich (!) besides Sheff Utd could you count as a main thoroughfare for home fans. As such it is remarkable only how LITTLE problems there are, if it was Leeds or Birmingham they’d be goading us and giving out non stop.
So total non-story. Assault occurs in proximity to 25,000 people. Wow. How about 24,990 have great day drinking among each other in big city and are civil and good humoured throughout. I always hear how wonderful the people of Yorkshire are then meet Leeds morons and wonder what the fuss is, but Sheffield is a far better example of this supposed warmth and good humour. “

By Roy

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  1. Well done to Bristol totally deserved victory , great fans making it a good atmosphere , although slightly off the pace today, without doubt the best side to come to bramall lane this season

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