“Massive game this one for both sides. Get that shithouse of out net and I don’t really mind the rest of the side. Johnson actually matched Sheffield United’s 3 atb at our place and we beat them so we might do the same but I personally wouldn’t.”

“even the good teams have struggled to contain United at home playing convential 442 it more modern 433 formations. “

“if we play like we against Ipswich, and play that keeper, 3 easy points for Utd, hope I’m wrong”

“I have to say how impressed I have been Sheffield Utd over the past 2 seasons. They haven’t broken the bank and play with a real unity. Will take something special to stop them going up.”

“Sheffield Utd are on a roll and i fancy them to go up. If we go up there and perform like we have lately it could be bad!”

“They were shite at ours this season. Think they only had one shot on target, can see them scoring 2/3 Saturday though without reply.”

“cant play the kiwi keeper. we need to play max or search out a keeper who is not contracted to a club. god knows who”

“Blades have won 6 and drawn 1 in their last 7”

“And by all accounts not conceded at home since Dec 26th! Oh dear. Oh very dear”

“In the league….but the mighty Barnet stuffed them at Bramall Lane in the cup in January….so all is not lost…”.

“A record like that can’t last forever and is there to be shot at. Johnson should inspire the players to raise their game and be the team that breaks the run. Highly unlikely of course, but it can be done.”

“got a great result at leeds. got lucky at times. luck will run out soon . going to put both teams to score in my bet for our game with them.”

“I’m going up and for some reason am confident of a point”

“they are due a loss”

“Got a feeling we are going to win at sheff united.”

“I think the break will certainly help us. It may not Sheff U who certainly are on a god run. If we turn up we have a good chance of getting something, Our team is set up well for playing away from home. “

“We’re poor after international breaks.”

“to be honest this season has been a record breaking season in a way with wins at Brentford/Ipswich etc so perhaps we can shock them and score a goal in our 4-1 defeat”

“if we get a corner I expect on recent performances, forget a goal.”

By Roy

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