“A win here would be a huge boost for us and open a small gap between the clubs, a draw is not the worst result we could have but a loss would make them jump above us in the table.
We have only beaten them twice in the last 12 league and cup meetings.
Those stats are not in our favour but if we can get our act together on the day we can get a result, expect it to be tight and not many goals.
I’m expecting a hard fought draw to be honest but my heart always believes the best and we can nick it late for the win.”

“What an important game this is, at this point in the season. A win, and we’re 5 points ahead of3rd place with 8 games to go, a defeat and we’re down to 3rd, and hoping for the teams above us to drop points!
If we play like we did against WBA, we’ll be fine. If we don’t, we could get turned over by a resilient opponent. If you offered me a draw now, I think I’d take it!”

“We’re in absolutely tip top form at the moment playing some lovely stuff. If we continue in the same vein we will win the game and that would be just fantastic. A draw isn’t a disaster at this stage of the season, let’s just make sure we don’t lose. It should be an absolute cracker”

“Even thinking about this one is giving me palpitations. Was discussing with my dad last night and he reckons this is the biggest game we’ve had in about 15 years – I struggled to think of a bigger one. Same starting line-up for the 50th game in a row, for me.
The main challenge I can see is that nobody really understands Shef Utd’s tactics. They play a really weird form of pressing/counter-football that teams just haven’t been able to nullify. I’m praying Bielsa will pull a tactical masterclass and we can keep these amazing stylish wins going.”

“I havent been able to concentrate at work thinking about this game, Ill be worse tomorrow, I keep telling myself its 3 points at stake just like any other game but thats not working, will relax a bit if we win but would be happy with a draw to keep that gap”

“Sheffield United on a great run at the moment, something like 33 points in their last 14 games – This would be a massive win for us, I’ll take a draw”

“One things for certain, Sheff Utd will attack, and attack again. They don’t concede many. We have to score first, that’s been the trend for the most part this season. On Saturday it’s imperative. “

“Sheffield United have not conceded a goal in 6 matches. Good defence or mediocre opposition? A little of both maybe? “

“We haven’t conceded in 3”

“Surely the pressure is more on Sheff Utd? They lose its a 5 point gap. We lose its 1 point. I know it’s stating the bleeding obvious but I’m as nervous as hell already”

“If we are ‘on it’, we will win. But if we show even the slightest weakness, then they will take us.
It will require a fair and strong referee.
I think we will win.”

“Cant see Sheffield United winning tbh.”

“Do Norwich or Sheffield Utd actually ever lose a game?”

“Massive advantage for Norwich and Sheff Utd that apart from Ipswich and Sheff Weds no one gives a toss about playing them”

“Seriously what is with every other team rolling over for Norwich and Sheffield United?”

“Villa eventually drew with Sheff U after they had trailed 3-0 til the 82nd min Wilder said that Villas first 82 min goal got the crowd whipped up and Villa ended drawing. Crowd impact he said. That’s precisely what ER will deliver Sat. but our noise will wake the Gods !”

“Let’s invoke the spirit of 1990. Same opponents and similar situation. One of my most favourite matches I ever attended.”

“Wilder’s done a very decent job there. He’s also bought well. Norwood and McGoldrick have done well for them. However, I really disliked the way they set up when we played them. Clear instructions to “get into” us. Some appalling challenges. Lost my respect.”

“The blades were pretty dirty our last game.”

“They will do the same again because clubs are aware you give leeds space and they do tend to tear you a new one”

“Got a LOT of time for Wilder. Probs most under-rated coach in EFL” “Difficult not to admire Wilder. Speaks s lot of sense and from what I’ve seen/read always complementary about rivals.”

“Although I hope we smash them at the weekend I don’t mind Sheff U or Chris Wilder, would be good if we both went up!”

“The championship is tight, yet us, Norwich and Sheff Utd are so much better than the rest of the league. Not one of us deserves to miss out.If any of those teams don’t make it, but a team that finished 10 points below 3rd that’s a joke. Evil format. ”

“Whatever happens this season, fair fucking play to whoever gets autos this season. If (god forbid) it’s both Norwich and Sheffield United, they’ve played magnificently all season. May the best two win”

“know this is not the done thing before a Yorkshire derby, but I quite like Sheffield United. A real football club, a good, and respectful manager, who has class when he talks. Hope we both go up tbh”

“Be nice to see Sheffield utd go up with us perfect scenario”

“Hope us and sheff u go up no ones gives a shit about Norwich shit club with shit fans just fuck off you twats”

“I don’t care who gets the second automatic promotion spot with us… so long as it’s Sheff U”

“Would like to see Sheffield United promoted but it’s gotta be through the play offs it seems lads”

“There is no need for an outbreak of reasonableness”

By Roy

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