“Real tricky one. I think a lot will depend on the injury situation. Heart says we can get something out of it, but head says a loss.”

“More worried about this one than Middlesbrough”

“Game to far for us, injuries catch up”

“Kid in goal, kid at centre half, what could go wrong?”

“Team has to be very drilled on Utd’s set-piece routines at corners, Rovrum switched off for their 1st goal and nearly conceded another. Routine seems to involve a diagonal run from outside the D into the box to meet a flat pass from the corner kick. Also love a short corner routine.”

“Defensively … we will need to do a little better, I think and on Tuesday at Sheffield United. So many clubs in this division play boring, negative and lack lustre football … not us ! On our day, we are an absolute joy to watch.
We can still make the play offs. One game at a time and see where we stand this time next week.”

“3 or 4 points from the next two games and I think we can certainly think of a play off push. Let make no mistake Sheffield United away will be tough. They haven’t even conceded a goal in their last 7 home games. In fact I’ll put my neck out if we get 6 points from the next two games we will finish 6th. We also have the best goal difference outside the top 5 which is an extra point.”

“Last 6 in league, they conceded against Derby and lost to Barnet in the cup.
…and look at the last 6 opposition…
Blackburn (3-0 All 3 scored when 10v10)
QPR (1-0)
Bolton (2-0)
Middlesbrough (1-0 Mid 10 men for last 25min)
Reading (4-0)
Rotherham (2-0 Rot with 10 men for last hour)
Its a tall order but not as bad as their headline home form would suggest.”

“they are the best team in the league at home. No doubting they are favourites but maybe not quite as much so as their recent home form would initially suggest – and maybe they have half an eye on their match with Leeds on the following Saturday. Apologies for dealing in “maybe’s” but I guess that is the nature of this thread.In any case maybe this is one of the two or three we can afford to lose.”

“They’ve got half an eye on Leeds away on Saturday”

“Still think it’s too tall a hill…but admit I’ll start hoping in a meaningful way if we beat Utd away Tuesday.”

“I’m usually the most negative depressing person going, but I just have a feeling that we aren’t going to lose again this season.”

“We’re coming for you, we’re coming for you. Average teams in the playoffs, we’re coming for you!”

“think Utd will go up so be a good ground to tick off the list”

“3/1 away win – WOW”

“Is Mick Foley going to play ? Wouldn’t put it past SU suits their style of play.”

“I don’t think there’s any real bad feeling towards John Egan. 4 million based on his performances for us was a great deal, if he’s suddenly become Beckenbauer for them then fair enough!”

“John Egan is a player who doesn’t suit our style but suits there’s very well. Fair play, a good move for all concerned.”

“The absolute perfect fit for them. Still shaky with the ball at his feet but an absolute rock when in the air. Great business for both sides”

“he is a decent and likeable player. I hope he plays Premier League football next year, plus his Dad is a legend.”

“I hope he does well and goes up, if for no other reason than to keep Leeds down.”

“If they offered him back to us for £4m we wouldn’t want him. Not even confident we’d bother if they offered him for £2m.
Good deal for both clubs.”

“Doubtful they would get much more if they sold him now, despite their great season. Good luck to him though, I think it’s fair to say that Wilder is a much better coach of defenders than Smith, with a more suitable playing style, and they’re a very good team. Worked out for all parties.”

“to think Wilder was on our shopping list as a Manager not so long ago. Before he went to Oxford IIRC.”

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