Blades 2-0 Brentford

“We deserved nothing out of that game – created so little against 10 men. Well played Sheffield Utd. Thoroughly deserved the win.”

“Shows the strength of their squad and the limitations of ours tbh. They are a well drilled team, we play some brilliant football but are sometimes open to a rolling over. Good luck to them”

“Credit where it’s due, Sheffield United’s defending was impressive. Lots of bodies thrown in front of shots. Still can’t believe we lost that game. Christ knows how their keeper got man of the match either. Opportunity wasted”

“8 clean sheets in a row. That’s what a goalkeeper and dominant centre halves bring. Couldn’t get a look in within 8 yards of their goal. “

“Fair play to Sheffield, rock solid at the back and earned their 3 points.”

“Well done lads, we battled hard but couldn’t get through, very difficult trying to pass your way through against 2 rows of 4 who know how to defend.”

“Sheffield utd have shown why they’re up there when we arnt. Solid, uncomplicated and a real grit.”

“They showed us why they are where they are, defended solidly and took their limited chances.”

“We have imo much better players than them but they have moulded a much better team, part of their dna that we don’t have is heart and balls, we would have lost at least 4-1 had we gone down to 10 men whilst a goal ahead.”

“They work hard as a team and get their rewards. I still wouldn’t swap most of their side for most of ours though.
However imo we could learn from the kind of shift they’ll be expected to put in when they don’t have the ball – that’s the aspect where they have the edge on us I think (as well as doing the simple things well rather than always trying to score an Arsenal goal). “

“It was a frustrating game. I was impressed with them first 10 mins and they looked a decent side, looking to play it in behind at every opportunity. We got into it after that and dominated rest of the half.
But as second half went on it was clear it was gonna be one of those nights, ridiculous amount of possession and I lost count of how many corners and shots we just wasted away. Trying to play intricate tippy tappy football on the edge of the box against two banks of 4 defenders and literally having no other outlet was never gonna get us anything. True on another night Mokotjos shot wound have gone in and Maupay would have converted the wonderful Barbet cross in the first half but credit to them and Wilder as they deserved it for hanging on for so long. You just knew they’d get a second as the game wore on.”

“29 shots, 70% possession. Conceded a second against the run of play. Stereotypical game. Never mind. We go again Saturday! Come on Brentford!”

“They hung on well with ten men, I don’t think they played that great with 11. They worked really hard and broke quick.”

“Beaten by a dogged, workmanlike and quite unappealing team. If they go up, us and several other clubs will see a big opportunity missed. Fair play to them. Like Cardiff last year, they just got it done.”

“they play some good football, tonight they’ve dug in because they were down to 10 men. Comparing them to Cardiff is just wrong.”

“Agree and they buy players that work for their system. They did a job on us earlier this year and thought they were impressive.”

” I thought overall Sheffield Utd were very impressive. Madine was an idiot and really gave us a chance. We didn’t really threaten enough though – I do not care what the stats say. I always felt they were likely to get a second goal but just how poor was our defending for that? Hats off to Wilder for bringing on McGoldrick and Sharp to give them a threat on the counter. We relied too much on Benrahma and tried to play into the heart of their defence which is their strength. Much to learn from tonight. Shows how much further we have to improve to become contenders.”

“Not sure they were that impressive…. before we gifted them the first they were chasing shadows and couldn’t get near us.
Having said that they defended well until we gifted them a second. “

“Franks out thought by Wilder tonight”

“Credit where it’s due clever substations by them”

“Their substitutions were made out of sheer desperation.”

“He could have bought defenders on but two experienced forwards were enough to see the game out.”

“Even a against 10 men a team in 14th shouldn’t be going away to the team in 3rd and dominating like that.”

“Leeds will beat Sheffield on Saturday, they are nothing special. Just we bottled it”

“Imagine where we’d be if we could defend like them…”

“I know. 8 behind the ball and hoof.
I would love it. “

“If only we had two CH’s like theirs ……………………………………. “

“Wish O’Connell had played like that for us!”

“Sheffield United are good as what they do. From what I saw JOC and Egan were excellent tonight for them but still don’t think our style suits either of them and they are in a team that plays to their strength.”

“As well as Egan has done since his move. We all know he turns as quick as an articulated truck. Run at him, Turn him inside out, just keep the ball out of the air.”

“Football can make you feel physically sick sometimes”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Brentford”
  1. “Their substitutions were made out of sheer desperation.” yet it led to the 2nd goal. Just let that settle in Brentford fans for a moment, your down to 10 men and you bri g on 2 strikers to win the game. Another team give up 6 points under estimating the dog n duck pub team. We’re on the march with Wilder army!

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