“Why should we fear Sheff Utd? They were very very lucky at ours and had it not been for Henderson with outstanding worldie saves they could have lost 6-2 and could not have argued at that scoreline.
Yes they are where they are by sheer effort and determination and well done to them, unlike their poor piggy neighbours.
We are undefeated for 6 and surely must go forward with a strong mental attitude. Bring them on I say, we do not fear them.
So long as we go out with a strong and positive mental attitude, it should carry us well”

“A lot better at home but they are not a footballing side.Beatable but we’ve got to get the team selection right from the start”

“same as all theses teams in this league give the too much room and they will run straight through you as corporal Jones said they don’t like it up em bring them on when the game gets stretched I can smell our first away win this season”

“3 points coming our way Saturday.”

“I do think that we’ll battle out a draw again” “Good time to play them. Straight after a derby game. Improbable that we win but certainly not impossible. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Lets have a 1980 result lads.”

“Anything is possible in this league and if we show a bit more positive and confidence away from home then why can’t we get a result.”

“We’re 6 unbeaten lads, we should respect their position but do what we do, it’s a funny old game innit, you never know, do you…”

“expect the worst and hope for the best. I doubt we will win its not a happy hunting ground better record at the sty.But you never know we could nick a point if things go well.”

“I’m going and looking forward to the game but more in hope than expectation. Watched the blades turn west Bromwich over on sky and they were very very good, but this is a huge game for both teams with us scrapping for our lives.
I think 1-0 either way.”

“If the blunts are as shyte as they were on Monday we will be ok but I suspect they won’t be.”

“It was a bore draw that’s for sure, but maybe the Blades didn’t want to risk any injuries ahead of their real cup final on Saturday.
If the Blades play like that against us then we’ve every chance of returning home with a point or three … ha-ha”

“We could get hammered if we aren’t careful”

“We don’t have a prayer
Wilder is an excellent manager and he has said countless times since we payed them at NYS, that we were the better team. This clever management is a safeguard against complacency. Sheff united will not underperform again against us”

“A Sheffield u win looks the only outcome thought in a derby game who knows”

“I’ve been to almost all of our games at the Lane since 1980 when we lost 0-1, but later on in the same year/different season came (probably) our best performance there when we beat ’em 2-1 in our title winning season. I’ve seen us slaughtered 0-5 but for me the worst performance came on my birthday (boxing day), when we lost 0-3. Another memorable game was our 2-2 draw, but on our last visit we saw Harry Maguire score a late winner for the Blades, very frustrating as he scored right in front of our fans and pumping his fist in the air toward us, git …
This weekend’s game will be extra tough because of the fine form that the Blades are showing this season, but you never know, we’ve been known to cause an upset before, haven’t we?
Our games against the two Sheffield teams this season have ended in similar results/scores i.e. draws/ 2-2 scorelines, so why not another? … you never know ha-ha … we live in hope.”

“We need to frustrate them right from the kick off and quieten the crowd.”

“I think Taylor will keep his place and also because he had a terrific game against the Blades at NYS.
Sheffield United like to get their full backs/wing backs forward and it’s an area where teams with pace have been able to give them problems by exploiting the gaps this creates.
Taylor and Williams are both pretty quick so maybe they could be our main threat if they can deliver a decent end product”

“Taylor might not be fit enough after he had to come off last game.”

“Should be a really good atmosphere inside and outside Bramall Lane.”

“Good on Sheffield United for the Bring A Quid For Western Park Collection, I will definitely be putting more than a pound in”

By Roy

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