“no pressure on us, Pigs have everything to lose, all pressure on them, they’re favourites but on paper people forget we’ve still got strongest side”

“We had a chance to mug them at theirs if we’d stepped up in the last ten. Their legs and heads had gone at not being able to get a goal.
But we didn’t. Apart from that one chance we sat in and saw the point out.
They’re not all that, regardless of where they are on the league.
Wildpig will get his selection wrong and it’ll be all about winding Hutch and Forestieri up to gain an advantage.
He’ll set it up for Madine to run round trying to be Billy big bollox but that’ll just end up pissing the other Billy off.
If Forestieri plays this right then Bashsam could be getting a bath before half time. If Madine starts I can see him on a card inside ten minutes.
All we’ve got to do is stay calm, play out the initial piggy pashun burst at the beginning of each half, and hit them on the counter”

“I’m quite relaxed. We have nothing to lose.”

“I think it will be the most high intensity derby game in years. I think it will be proper fire meets fire but I’m always going to back a Wednesday win”

“Fancy us to create a mini upset, for the first time this season we look a confident side and are playing without pressure. Think we will go and try to win the game this time”

“They’ll rightly be favourites. But we have to be a lot more confident than the last time we played them.  We’re a different team. We have the quality and enough momentum to turn them over. But they could say the same thing.  All set up for a classic.”

“I’d just be happy to see us in their half”

“Free hit for us this one I reckon. Win and its party time and still with a shot at a crazy end to the season. Lose and it hurts but its not like they’ve ruined our season. We’ve been crap for most of it. Most blades I know are either arrogant about it or overly pessimistic as a shield. Whichever camp they fall into though, this is the game they want to win the most. They hate us and it defines them. Its proper weird” 

“Bloke I work with, a Blunt, said two weeks ago ” you Pigs are gonna get a right hammerin’ “. Couple of days ago it’s down to ” think a draw will be okay “. Told him we’d see on Tuesday morning. He said ” can’t I’m taking the day off”.  Wonder why.”

“It’s the Bruce effect. They were all giving it the big un pre Christmas. Now a little worried. 3 I know we’re all getting tickets and boasting how many points they had. Not one em’s got a ticket.” 

“Two neighbours of mine are suddenly not so confident. Both of them predict owls to win.”

“Must be worried there might be a repeat of the ” Mind The Gap 2012 ” season if we beat the scrubbers on Mon”

“If they beat us it’s Se la vie, if we beat them it’s the end of their season, be a handy three points for us though in our last attempt to reach the play-offs, wouldn’t it be nice to beat them then?”

“if we win or lose we’ll still be in Championship next season, massive pressure on them, look what a defeat to them did to our season back in sept 17. We can’t say there’s no pressure on us because we are the home team in a massive local derby, but in terms of league position the pressure is on them. I’m nervous, but not as nervous as the away game this season as I was adamant we’d get pumped, now we have Brucey in charge we have a great chance, I just hope we play with the same intensity as Tuesday, for me that was a great performance & I think we have to be at that level if we want to win as we all know how much they’ll be up for it with Wilder & also the fact they have the full LL end now!”

“Unsure how any pig is worried. Guaranteed play offs, strong contender for automatics. If we beat them, it would be an insignificant blot on their season if they go up.”

“Are the pigs ready for fessi hutcho bannan Hannibal…Jesus going to be some passion on the pitch”

“Tell ya now if we beat those pigs we’re in the hunt”

“No bugga wants to go up – well look out we coming for you UTO”

“I’m just gonna say what everyone’s thinking, we beat Sheff United Monday and the playoffs are on”

“A win on Monday will be fantastic especially if it dents their top 2 chances. Anything beyond this  is a Brucie bonus.”

“If we don’t make the playoffs then we can forget about promotion this season.”

” They can have the promotion and we’ll have the 3 points – that’s the real quiz.”

“Wilders strike force are journeymen to be fair. Both Sharp and McGoldrick haven’t scored many goals at this level for anybody else. He knows how to get the absolute best out of his resources.”

“I think it will be the most important game of blunts season. Can we kill off there promotion hopes again?”

“we cannot kill off their promotion push, but we can damage their confidence. I predict Wednesday to win and United to promoted”

“they were taking a top 2 finish for granted with 12 games to go in 2012……”

“If pigs manage to keep this form going, they will deservedly join Norwich, but while i can see them doing that, i can also just as easily see them tailing off when it matters, they are due a bad run, most other sides have had a few. in summary, there is a load of crap up there compared to the 2 seasons we had a run at it, had we timed it better, this last 2 years would have been easier to get up had we kept our $h1t together.. “

“I think they’ll get automatics now. Leeds look absolutely spent, and West Brom have looked all over the place when I’ve seen them recently. Monday is huge pressure/test for them though, as they need the win. Mess up and these things have a funny way of derailing a season.”

“They do seem to have an annoyingly strong mentality. The Villa capitulation would have broken some teams but they just bounced back with a couple of decent wins. “

“Sadly I think they’ll go up even if we beat them now. Easy run-in, Bristol C and Leeds aside. WBA and Leeds losing form and everyone else too far off. “

“United will win the league. Only thing I can see them not going up is a mental breakdown affer we’ve beaten them, or heavy legs/small squad starting to hit and hit soon.”

“Think top 2 will still be Leeds and Norwich. United to finish a close 2nd and actually do it this time in the playoffs. Anyway who’s bothered if United will go up? Yes they’ll be unbearable but after getting stuffed 5-0 by Man C, Liverpool and Spurs there spirit will be broken, they’ll go down comfortably and McCabe will take their parachute money for ‘safe keeping’.
They’ll go back down and waste their money like they did last time. “

“I think it’s a demographic thing why there fans are classless scrubbers”

” United sold 30,000 at the Lane in the last Steel City Derby, who were and still are pushing for automatic promotion. Wednesday are expected to sell 31,000 at Hillsborough a team who’ve had a boring and dull season. ‘SUFC are a bigger club than SWFC.’ Jog on.”

“Just like to congratulate Sheff Utd for selling a few more tickets than you originally got. Really impressive when you’re pushing for promotion and 3 miles away. Phenomenal support”

“Their hardcore support only just sold out for their table top clash with Norwich recently. “

“They only usually take 1,645 anyway. Should be loads of tickets let”

“They’re always moaning about how they hate Hillsborough, they trip over themselves to get here though. The Lepps too good for them” 

“This giving the pigs extra tickets is shocking. Don’t blame chansiri really for taking the cash but it’s shown our so called fans up for what they are though gloryhunters”

“Wednesday should have sold out for united match easily! Where is everyone that went to wembley and arsenal match?? Sick of seeing united fans wanking them sens to death because they are bringing 4000. they didnt even sell out when we last played and it only holds 32.000 but we should have ”

“We’re desperate for cash. If our fans aren’t buying the tickets, sell them to them. You should be questioning our fans, not DC.”

“The money from an extra 1600 tickets is hardly going to ease FFP
I’d have given the c**ts 1 ticket less than they gave us “

“Let the oinkers rain piss and coins down on top of their own after watching their team unravel before their eyes” 

“There were 30,261 at the sty, what’s the odds there were still be more at ours on Monday despite their feeble complaints?” 

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By Roy

5 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Wednesday”
  1. The odd 1 or 2 make some good points to be fair but most the others just talk crap they really are deluded .if they beat is our season is finished and they will be in the playoffs???.for 1 our season wouldn’t be over due to this game because we have still got to play teams that are far better than the trotters.and they aren’t anywhere near as good as the other teams in the Hunt for the playoffs. to be honest the only thing they have had to celebrate this season is us drawing 3-3at villa .but they’re massive so get ready for the whirlwind of their resurgence. I think not

  2. All these wendies saying that they have nowt to lose and we need to win?? Get a grip you proper deluded piggy bastards…usual shit coming out of swillsborough…You need points to try to push for playoffs and if we lose there’s still 30+ points to play forbso where you get this we need to win from is utter bollocks..Derby games can always go either way we will just dust off and carry on if it goes wrong way…I really can’t call it but hoping Wendy players are as deluded as you lot and co.e out playing instead of having ten man defence cos if they do then we will win..no two ways bout it.

  3. All this we have nothing to lose bollox from Wendy fans?? What bout being a few games from playoffs?? What utter shite you lot come out with hahaha .. apparently if you win the Derby our season over and you are the orchestrator of it oh my word..what a bunch of deluded tossers you lot are..if we lose we move onto next game with 30+ points to play for…I darent say what the score will be as it’s a Derby and can go either way…let’s hope Bruce and his Muppets are as deluded as you lot and go for it instead of parking bus cos if they do then we will win .UTB

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