“They was going to do what to us Well done everyone.”

“Think we edged it in every area. We dominated the midfield for 60 mins, their attackers didn’t get a sniff and we created the games best chance. The only area we didn’t dominate in was the final ball but they were poor there too. “

“How on earth they are third is beyond me. Just shows what good organisation and motivation can do. “

“Good solid performance against Brazil there.  Never seen Brazil play that many long balls. I think thats got got to be disappointing for the pigs, two points dropped at a big important stage in the season.”

“Good result considering we were playing Barcelona B.”

“TBF there’s been some less than average performances tonight from the likes of Bannan, Reach and Boyd, so I’m happy with a point. At least it’s put a stutter on their promotion ambitions, another point and clean sheet and 7 games unbeaten. Building for next season.”

“Don’t write off this season yet, all sorts of twists and turns to come.”

Tell you what, if by some miracle we did sneak into the play-offs I’d seriously fancy our chances.

” We stopped their normal method of playing it out from the back by pressing high on their back line and making Henderson resort to hoofball.”

“Overall we did very well against a side who have, annoyingly, been one of the best in the league. We’ve definitely turned a corner though which is reassuring.”

“Even Steven as Solskjaer likes to say.”

“Nil nil not a great result in terms of the table but i feel a hell of a lot better after this nil nil than the last 2 games we played against them”

“Utd edged a scrappy game but that was to be expected at the moment and losing FF took one of our main threats away . “

“The Barcelona of Yorkshire mump about 0-0 when we don’t go toe to toe with them. But they still can’t beat us when we do. Right old turn up for the books. “

“I wish that I was at school with Wilder… I’d have wound him up like a top.”

” Cant disagree with anything piggy Wilder said TBF”

“How did that fat pig Sharp get through that game without a booking. What a dirty pig he really is. Built in his managers image. “

“Could have had six yellows. Every single set piece. Then snidey kick on Hector at the end. Proper Blunt.”

“Typical of that lot that Billy Blunt will be one of their club legends. Nasty piece of work when all’s said and done”

“He must hate playing us, he was tug tonight same with madine, they looked better when boldrick came on”

Madine is just a poor footballer. If wilder keeps playing him it could cost them promotion. ”

“Mind. That Fleck is a snidey little gobshite too. “

Jesus Christ how quiet were they?  Second half was  silent – think they knew they weren’t gonna steamroll us”

“Unfortunately the whole crowd sounded quiet on the tv. I think our ticket prices are keeping the ‘passionate’ fan away.”

“The home support were excellent tonight.  Pigs diabolical”

“We were loud tonight – they were worried” 

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Wednesday”
  1. We were quiet ? Is that why we were singing “football in a library”. Didn’t hear a peep out of yer first half.

  2. Haha still deluded…0-0 win for u lot though ain’t it…Don’t know what game you was watching if you thought you ran midfield…one of stats was 93% us in your half to 7% you in ours ?? Plus madine’s chance was as good as the one chance you had….how are we 3rd?? Through getting results and being the best team in Sheffield is how…how the fuck you lot not bottom is what I wanna know ?

  3. You lot are more deluded than what i thought….You were suppposed to be the home team Attack Attack Attack….All you were interested in was stopping the Blades going forward….Instead of putting 10 men behind the ball in defence you did it in midfield….UTB!

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