“One of the worst games I`ve ever been to….and I`ve seen some sh*t !
How on earth are they near the top of the league,truely awful team,I hope they get promoted cause it wil be hillarious next season watching them playing decent teams.
If it had stayed 11 v 11 we would have got something out of it,can someone please tell our players what colour we play,because we seem incapable of passing to a team-mate,bloody crap seats as well.”

“Frustrating game. Didn’t really create much, sat back and let them knock it around and then 10 men and a goal down, uphill task. Today was a free hit. Teams playing each other around us and sheff u are were they are. We should’ve just gone for it.”

“Did we even have a shot on goal today? I think somebody needed to tell the players it was a local derby as well, the lack of intensity was a joke today, pathetic performance”

“Weather was terrible, game was terrible, atmosphere terrible! A true non event of a day. ”

“They are Clearly 10x better than us and people just can’t accept that. wasn’t outstanding today or at our ground but 2 games isn’t a season”

” Goal down, man down against one of best teams in the league, game over. A couple of wonderful saves from Rodak the rest was boring and how quiet are their crowd? Given the numbers and league position our fans would be raising the roof, and singing songs that we hadn’t stolen. Overall got what I expected but disappointed all the same and now 3 games without our captain. “

“End of the day did what they needed to do after the sending off…..hate losing to them as much as”

“if I’d been a Blades fan, I’d be using the well worn phrase “Well, you can only play what’s put in front of you”

“It’s an insult to the fans.
Not one shot on target says it all in a local derby.
The manager is happy with losing that sums it up.”

“So let’s be right sending off changed game, whether it was red or not, we were the better team leading up to the sending off and causing them some problems but we will never know”

“Showed nothing going forward after Vaulks was sent off which is understandable, defended quite well and restricted Sheff Utd, Rodak made some great saves as well, Shame the game was over as a contest as we looked in the game with 11 men”

“Never a red that today, ruined game and they didn’t go for it but fuck me they’re average. Too many players all over pitch for us we’re poor but it’s not a game you expect points from”

“Up until Vaulks’s moment of madness we were making a decent fist of it despite conceding a sloppy early goal. After that it was just pure tedium. Not a good day to be a Miller and Sheffield United didn’t play that well either but thoroughly deserved their win. “

“Certainly a day to forget.
Understandably up against it down to 10 men.
Could have been worse.”

“Sheff u better side today but reckon they’ll have to settle for playoffs”

“The thing that riles me most was although we were 1 down prior to Vaulks being dismissed, we were steadily coming back into the game with 4 chances flashed across their goal and with two Corners back to back while applying good pressure, then Vaulks sees red.”

“We built ourselves a mountain to climb with a sloppy early goal.
Vaulks then put an extension on top of it with a moment of stupidity. “

“Vaulks challenge 100% a red card. Why wouldn’t it be, arrived late and could’ve potentially injured their man. Also very uncalled for when he could’ve took a yellow and dragged him down or just stood him up. With full 11 could’ve got a point from that unlikely but possible”

“Just had another look at the foul. Thought Vaulks had won the ball at first but he didn’t did he? He had to be sent off. Pretty clear cut in the end. Silly boy very unnecessary. “

“Thought we were holding our own despite being behind but the red card made it so much more difficult when you’re already chasing the game. From my seat, we knew what was coming but it definitely looked worse from the ref’s angle having seen a replay of it.”

“for such an important game it was pathetic what Vaulks did. No thought given before diving in like he did. I’m not surprised he’s not been sent off before now this season he’s so hot headed. How many times have we seen him being over vociferous with officials and been lucky not to get cards for it? “

“I’ve seen a few comments saying it was a 2 footed challenge, it wasn’t, his left leg is trailing.
It was dangerous play, but I’m not convinced from the replays I’ve seen that he made contact with the player, and not that the player went into the tackle.
Will RUFC try to contest on the off chance they can reduce ban?”

” Just seen the challenge of Vaulks did look clumsy but I have seen just yellows given for those. Their lad did make the most of it as well.Would the ref have given the same decision if it had been a blunt player I wonder?”

“Just seen it back and I think diff day diff ref and it’s a yellow. Hes well early for the tackle and if it had been a tackle on a Rotherham player say Taylor he would have jumped the guy but think their player plays for the foul”

“Rolled around like he had been shot, physio didn’t even come on the field and he got up straight after the red came out. “

“Not a red I don’t think, clearly jumps in before the player is even near him just to block off his path, the player then runs into Vaulks as he’s on the floor to get the free kick and makes the most of it, yellow card”

“Clumsy challenge roly
No intent just clumsy”

“They made it look very dramatic and had that tackle been from a striped shirt it would have been a yellow at best. “

“very very very harsh red card. bless robertson aswell when he was injured we basically had 9 men for 15 minutes. that ref ruined the game for me”

“The ball was there to be won. It’s a local derby”

“Looking back on when we first met, I cannot escape and I’ll never forget. Leauge One you’re the one. You still turn me on. Rotherham’s coming home again…(Although I’d like to be proved wrong.)”

“Didn’t agree with the stick some of our fans were giving Dean Henderson today. Totally uncalled for. Seems a decent guy that can take and give honest banter, but didn’t deserve the horrible chants that were thrown at him. “

“He shouldn’t be snap chatting 15 year olds then”

“Our fans aren’t exactly great but neither are any of these big clubs with quality fans tbh. These didn’t sing until 91st minute and half of their ground was leaving in 87th”

“Not too disappointed with that. We gave what we could in the circumstances and battled hard. Class response from all 4 stands for Tony’s late wife”

Sheff Utd we’re class today and it will be close at the top. Thought the reception for Mrs Stewart was brilliant from both sets of fans”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Rotherham”
  1. im a blade n i cant really understand what u did to warrent anyrhing out of that game. first 10 we were all over u but to be fair u but the pressure on us for 15 mins n u were the better side.
    defo red card but why did he do it on half way line. u could av got something out of game but he cost u end of.
    by the way ur not the worst side thats been to lane

  2. Our keeper does loads for sick children. He doesn’t have to,so quit the crap..Many teams have said we were the best to play them.We didn’t get to third by playing crap ?????

  3. I can see where the Referee got 8/9/10 mins xtra time from against Weds……Your team needs a Good kick up the Arse, Your Goalie despite making some Superb saves was terrible on Goal Kicks, Going/walking from one side of the area to the other, Taking at Least 2 mins on every goal kick. Somebody ought to tell him theres a Match to be Won out there…..Appart from that, YOU WERE CRAP!

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