It’s been a tough month for some of our loanees. Sam Graham has been ruled out for the rest of the season with injury, Regan Slater has lost his place at Scunthorpe and Oliver Greaves has mostly been used as a substitute at Barrow. Here I take a look at the players who have featured somewhat more regularly for their clubs:

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“Duffy might be absolutely fantastic in a number 10 but how would we know if he’s never played?”

“Duffy’s barely been given minutes but his creative output in the same position last year means he should probably play 10”

“Joe Allen is miles better than Ince, Powell or Duffy”

“I think we should put Duffy central advanced and support him.”

“Duffy is a quality player, a little past his best but should be seen as competition for Clucas rather than as a No.10”

“I would play Duffy to give us a bit more bite”

“Duffy has been ok today.”

“Duffy looked good towards the end, would like to see more of him.”

“Duffy was passing to his own players, we don’t like that down Stoke!”

“I just don’t think Jones wanted Duffy. Surely if he really rated him we’d have seen more of him on the pitch.”

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“Great to see him made captain tonight”

“has impressed in his (albeit limited) time at Spotland, providing defensive solidity in addition to genuine attacking potency, making himself one of the first names on the team sheet”

“Takes a superb free kick”

“2nd most tackles in League One”

“He;s made the biggest impact of all our summer signings”

“Am I blind or was Rhys Norrington-Davies and Ollie Rathbone the only two players that turned up today?”

“Man of the match today”

“Had a fantastic game”

“well done Rhys Norrington-Davies, what a game!!”

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“Parkhouse must be a candidate for Young Player of the Year. But it will probably go to a player from one of the Dublin clubs.”

“If a gold medal could be struck for guts ,perseverance and a willingness to die for his club Parkie you would be the only winner”

“George Kelly should be looking at Parkhouse and asking himself whether his career his best served by sitting on the bench at Dundalk.”

“Parkhouse frustrates at times but don’t forget the youngster is top scorer.”

“I’m sometimes critical of Parkie but forget his work supporting others. His pass to Junior for first goal on Friday was superb. I’ll try to be more circumspect in future.”

“Parkie has the most delicate touch to bring in others and now his Ariel work v defenders is sublime If his touch in the box comes like Junior’s has we are into clover.”

“Parky is a very average player, but works hard and gets goals at least.”

“Bit harsh on Parky. If only we played someone with him up front to take some of the burden off him,people forget his age and the fact it’s his first season playing in this league.”

“Parky’s head must be wrecked, running around mad after 4 defenders. He must come off every game exhausted”

“David Parkhouse is an awful finisher. He puts in a great shift but misses to many guilt edge chances.”

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“Smith looks head and shoulder above any of our strikers. .”

“Chased and harrassed defenders and showed one moment in the first half where he really showed what he was about other than the disappointing finish. He really should have put that chance away that he created himself but hit it weekly straight at the keeper when the net beckoned. He was unlucky on a couple of occasions and never gave up despite it not being the ideal sort of game with so much physical presence in numbers in the opposition.”

“Smith is a good additions that add something to us”

“Great finish by Smith.Great to finally have a second striker scoring some goals and Smith now has four and he hasn’t started that many games!”

“Smith took his goal well”

“I don’t get is why Smith was dropped? Plays well and scores on Tuesday night and is only rewarded with a space on the bench today.”

“Smith is very poor”

“Don’t rate Smith”

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“I think Thomas is suffering from Pressley’s coaching. He seems a pale shadow of how he started the season.”

“Another example of Pressley failing to get the best out of individuals by insisting that everyone conforms to inflexible tactics and Opta stat targets, regardless of whether they are suited to or capable of it.”

“Needs a spell out the team not good in a poor team” “it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest of Thomas was left out, couldn’t understand why people were creaming themselves over him coming back. I said last season he was a 45 minute man, may as well not exist in the second half of games, and has also been proved this season to be a one trick pony. That trick worked on the first home game but hasn’t done since.”

“Don’t get me wrong Thomas is a decent player but it was like the second coming when we re-signed him. He had a lot of very average games last season but people forgot.”

“I expect Thomas to be back firing soon enough. And then back off the boil again. And then back firing. The nature of a lower league winger.”

By Roy

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