In this section I take a look at how fans of our players’ former clubs are reacting to our start in The Premier League.

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“Watching the Sheff Utd Arsenal game and Lundstram is hands down best player on the pitch. Premier League suits him and I think he’ll get a move to a bigger club. Not sure if we have any sell on clause there?”

“I thought Lundstram would be a solid Championship player, but he is doing better than that.”

“Apparently Sheff Utd have a song for him – ‘There’s only one Jonny Lundstram, one Jonny Lundstram, He Used to be Shite but now he’s alright, living in a Lundstram wonderland!!’”

“Lundstram was so good for us at first I and many others said he’d get back to the Prem at some point. then he didn’t take to League 1 quite as well as expected and he was clearly not as important as Ledson, got the move to Sheffield and never seemed popular with their fans, but is playing regular now and by all accounts has been a revelation” “remarkable how Lunny has come good at the top level.”

“Great to see Lunny doing so well.
Can’t help but feel, though, that if we do side-by-side comparison of Lundstram and Brannagan, playing for us in the same league (League One) at the same age (23)…….then Brannagan is the better player.
I can see Cameron ending up in the Premier League as well – but hopefully after delivering us a promotion and then a massive fee!” “he’s playing so well, he could be the ball playing midfield maestro that the England team has been missing in recent years but yeah I’d rather have Brannigan”

“It’s easy to forget just how good Lundstram was during his time here. He really made us tick and was such a sweet striker of a football (with both feet). I think Brannagan’s form so far this season might just shade Lundstram’s best form in a yellow shirt, but I think Lundstram did it over a longer period of time. I also think he may have had a more suitable style to the Premier League than Brannagan, but that’s not to say I don’t think the latter could make it (back) there.”

“Just watching Spurs v Blades. Lunny is one of the best players on the pitch and bossing spurs. And a classic bit of baldock to get blades level”

“Baldock looks very impressive”

“Baldock would certainly get into our team of the decade”

“Right back has to be George Baldock in our team of the decade. We’ve not been blessed in this position and whilst the likes of Damien Batt was steady, no one has been as exciting as young George”

“Gorgeous George looked pretty good against Spurs

“Badlock does seem to have an effect on certain, ladies, shall we say?”

“And some men too”

“And who would have thought that 10 years after losing home and away to Hayes and Yeading in the Conference, Chris Wilder would be managing in the Premier League”

“listening to Wilder in the press makes me appreciate not only how refreshing KR is but also, how much of a w****r Wilder is, in comparison. I dont care what he did with us, his behaviour since then has put me right off of him.”

“Personally I think Karl Robinson us much like wilder in that he’d do very well at a club with a large budget.”

“We should have the Chris Wilder stand but only if in that stand they have to exclusively serve chips (on your shoulder) and pints of bitter. “

“Some people just can’t let go with Wilder.What he did for us and what he has achieved subsequently just shows this was no fluke.
Following his career with interest.”

“What a player”

“He’s gone from strength to strength”

“Heartbreaking to watch Enda Stevens make a mistake for a goal on MOTD. When you still love someone it’s hard to let go ” “Can we have him back please?”

“Just an FYI that we all said Enda Stevens was the best left back outside the premier league and the world is now realising we’re right”

“He was so good for Pompey – knew we’d see him in the prem before too long”

“Looked every inch a PL defender. Made his debut in top flight almost 7 years ago. Wonder if he thought the chance would come again. Was playing in League 2 with Pompey just over two years ago.”

“He was outstanding at Pompey.”

“In a nice way, it’s one of those “well he sure showed us” situations- RE some of the comments on Twitter/here that were going around, that they haven’t even signed a first choice defender”

“Egan and O’Connell doing really well for Sheffield U. Correct decisions by DOFs? Makes you wonder?”

“most of us fans didn’t see them making it in the top flight.Fair play to them both, for holding their own.”

“Good luck to them both. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but not many people on here complained when they left, so would say at the time the DOFs made good decisions.”

“Genuinely pleased for them both. At the time I believe we got an excellent fee for Egan and except Sheffield United no other team would have paid that amount for him. I for one was delighted with the deal we got. Egan was Chris Wilder top target last summer and you can see why. He fits perfectly into their system and at the same time has really turned into an top defender.”

“They have both developed and flourished at a new club with a new system. At the start of last year, Egan would have been behind Meps, JJ and possibly Konsa in the pecking order.”

“It’s the right place for both of them. Thin line for professional footballers between making it and not. Everyone in the top 5 divisions (and beyond) is a decent player. Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time.”

“Egan and O’Connell. Two hard workers that fit into that Sheffield United team and ethos, like a glove.
However, I wouldn’t swap them for Pontus or Jeanvier.”

“Not compatible with our style of play.
Quite honestly if anybody wants Brentford to beat Arsenal by boring them to death with Sheffield style football a la meat and potatoes, I would genuinely despair. I just hate their uninspiring, workmanlike football. ”

“Overlapping centre halves is hardly workmanlike or uninspiring.
I think some people cannot accept that Chris Wilder is an innovative manager and that Sheffield Utd are no longer an up and at them team that just relies on Yorkshire grit. Sometimes cliches no longer fit. We used to be a long ball team. Not anymore. Things change.”

“He may not have the personality and charisma of some of the greats but that Sheff Utd side looks like he’s moulded a collection of decent hard working Championship level footballers into a hard working, decent Premier team.
Hate their supporters but they’re in a great place and he’s done a fantastic job since he took over.”

“One player who always seems to get a shift in is Chris Basham . Thought he’d just about disappeared after he left us, but he’s done a cracking job for Sheff Utd and doesn’t really look out of place in the Premiership so far.”

“Seems a really wierd coincidence that Basham and JOB are both playing midfield or right back, and never seem to make one position their own wherever they go. Very similar standard players, could have ended up in Div 2 or Prem depending on the fortunes of the clubs they happened to be with at the time”

“If someone had told me 4 years ago Basham would start another Premiership game I’d have laughed. Fair play to him, Billy Sharpe, absolutely making the most of their talent. Basham could possibly have a shout for the longest period between Prem starts, his last was for us about 10 years ago”

“Always liked him and i think we did get some money for him but now in the Premier League.”

“If anyone deserved his success it’s this lad, Coyle took the mickey out of him, but Basham had the last laugh….”

“My clubs in the shit pan and sky sports are analysing how quality Chris basham is – where did all go wrong”

“He was a donkey for us”

“Can you believe John Fleck and McGoldrick are playing in the premier league”

“someone playing for us only a couple of seasons ago is good enough to be MoM in the premier league in a match against the league leaders. When we have players who are good in our side I always wonder how well they would do at the top level. Just goes to show that there isn’t such a massive gap in skill between the divisions as you might think.”

“remember they weren’t anywhere near premiership standard when they left. They have developed into premier league players, which is something that we could not do for them. Good luck to them and I hope that they do well.” “

“I bet John Fleck misses lumping futile balls to Marc-Antoine Fortuné and Marcus Tudgay”

“remember when Cov fans were happy to see Fleck go. One of our best of the last 15 years ”

“I didn’t actually think Fleck was that good for us, or much of a loss.
Who’s laughing now.”

“He’s still capable of that hospital pass to the opposition while under no pressure just in front of the defence putting his team in the shit.”

“I remember one game at Ricoh where he gave the ball away to the opposition, the ball came back to him and he gave it away again.”

“He had his good points but you just knew every few games he’d give the opposition an almost free run on goal.”

“He’s been gash on Fantasy Football points.”

“Why did we let Olly Norwood go?”

“Great to see Ole Norwood doing well for Sheffield United always thought he didn’t get a fair crack of the whip at ours”

“I think we all saw good moments from him…passing, corners, free kicks, but never quite imposing himself in a match. But look at him now…..”

“Underrated him. In truth though I just think some players click with some managers and styles and it just works!”

“with all the spending last two summers, did we really upgrade on him?”

“Norwood always had a great attitude and work ethic – we are missing some of that – good luck to him”

“Propper and Bissouma are both better than Norwood. So is Gross.”

“So pleased to see David McGoldrick having the chance to display his skills in the Premier League. He is playing a big part in Sheff Utd’s unexpected success – mainly as a playmaker. Such a quality player. “

“Pleased to see him doing so well.”

“He really didn’t look out of place v Spurs today”

“It’s like seeing an old girlfriend out with a richer, more successful and better looking man”

“I’m glad he is doing well. He was a smashing player for us, when fit – a real pleasure to watch. The move was perfect for him.”

“McGoldrick is just pure class. Absolute joy to watch.”

“buzzing for Didzy”

“Love seeing Mcgoldrick playing in the premiership. Miss him at Ipswich”

“How I miss real strikers like McGoldrick and Waghorn”

“it was just his time to go. A fantastic player but his heart wasn’t with him staying here.”

“Hate the bloke funny how he’s not injured all of a sudden”

“Pleased to see the d1ck pretended to be injured with us.”

“His consitency at Sheff U does raise a whole load of questions about the fitness regime at ITFC”

“Or about the standard of refereeing that allows someone to kick him in the groin and not even get a card for it.”

“Mousset had 3 goals in 58 appearances for us. He now has 3 in 7 for Sheffield Utd”

“How about Mousset now scoring for fun!”

“Always knew Lys Mousset was a goal machine waiting to happen”

“just shows… a good player doesn’t necessarily work with every team”

“He’s getting service”

“I want Mousset back”

“I’ll back our strikers ahead of him over a season :-)”

“Mousset and Mings becoming club hero’s after years of struggling to get into our side”

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