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“Actually very confident for this one”

“I think we’ll win this quite comfortably. Looking forward to it.”

“2 days extra rest and they can’t play their keeper or Egan. Be a huge disappointment if we don’t win now.”

“Hendo is out so Moore will obviously turn into Buffon in this.”

“They were missing Henderson and Egan the last time as well, if I’m not wrong. I think they pulled off the draw because we couldn’t deal with balls in the box and had no midfield.”

“I think we’ll win. They were fortunate to get a very late equaliser after we turned the game in Sheffield. We had no Bruno or Pogba in that game, and they won’t have Phil Jones playing upfront for them next week.”

“I can’t see them getting anything without Phil Jones in creative midfield for them this time.”

“We owe this feckers and must beat them.

“We’ll smash them”

“Shows you how desperately shit everyone has been this season that this Sheffield United team which are painfully average, are in with a chance of finishing in the top 5.
Jesus wept.”

“They’ll finish about 8th”

“20 years ago… Teams with about 9 or 10 wins out of 31 games at this stage of the season would be usually fighting a relegation battle, not competing for european places”

“Sheffield United are poor/average”

“Sheff Utd could already be run into the ground when we play them. The schdule is ridiculous”

“3 games in 6 days. The fixture list killed them.”

“The integrity of the season is definitely in question to be fair. The 5 sub rule has totally changed the landscape. The bigger clubs have far more strength in depth so it’s been harsh on likes of Sheff United.”

“This will be a difficult game if we make it hard for us.
They will try to catch us on the counter and score a goal but we can definitely smash them – it’s Wolves that worry me!”

“they will offer very little attacking against us at OT and will rely on set pieces”

“They arent a set piece team. Chris Wilder is a great coach and the overlapping CBs is extremely innovative. Have a lot of time for their style of play.”

“Incredibly difficult to set-up against. Huge test. Three at the back seems obvious way of coping, but many will claim “too negative”. If 4231, wide players need to work socks off!”

“One team I still don’t understand how they play. Very difficult to play against”

“A difficult game as Sheffield United will be well organised and tough to break down. “

“They’ll be organized, but a draw doesn’t really help them. If they want to stay in the hunt for top 4, they need 3 points from this.
Could be a really good and open game, especially if we score first.”

“They’re not looking good since the restart, but they’ve still caused lots of problems for good and shit teams alike this season, and even without Henderson they’ll be a threat”

“Without at all wanting to seem patronising, I’d love to see us send more young prospects on loan to them if it was something their management were interested in.
The way Henderson has been allowed and helped to develop there has been exemplary. It just seems to be a well run and well coached club and a place I could see lads like Laird or Mejbri thriving in their development.
Unfortunately for us, I think they have probably outgrown that now and will be looking to entice their own prospects and stars, rather than develop them for clubs they’ll rightly be targeting as rivals.
Also, I’d love to see Wilder get a shot at the Ireland job in the future. Feel like he’d be a perfect fit for us.”

By Roy

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