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“No idea what to expect”

“maybe we’ve been having zoom conferences with Rafa behind SBs back”

‘we will lose. Sheff United will be up for this one after what happened at Villa.”

“Confident we will beat Sheffield United on Sunday”

“Sheffield United are an awful side to play against.. they’re are basically the Stoke City of today…Our counter attacking system worked a treat at their place, but I doubt Bruce has the brains to identify or remember that.I expect us to win regardless”

“don’t fear Sheffield United”Fancy us to do the double over them”

“We were fortunate to beat them earlier in the season”

“They showed no quality on Wednesday”

“ASM and Almiron will run wild for us on Sunday if Sheffield Utd play the way they did against Villa

Looking forward to ASM destroying Sheffield United on Sunday”

“I would say that based on this performance, there is nothing to suggest Sheffield Utd can’t be beaten on Sunday. However, given how bad we were at the best of times this season, I fully expect us to be substantially worse after this break”

“Sheff Yoo were robbed”

“It was basically match fixing”

“Took half an hour for the league to be a shambles again”

“The whole thing has been embarrassing.Hawkeye apologising, the canned singing, the fact David Luiz still has a professional contract. Can see the rest of the season being a sham”

“Last time I heard Chris Wilder whinge about VAR (when Shelvey scored against them), they got a huge VAR decision their way the following match. Sheff Utd’s next opponents.”

“Typically we’ve got Sheffield United Sunday, odds on the ref giving them a dodgy penalty to make up for the mistake in Wednesday… I can see it already!”

“they say when a big decision goes against you it normally evens itself out, typical we have Sheff Utd in their next game. I reckon a dodgy 1st half red card for us”

“We’re gonna face one pissed off Sheffield Utd side on Sunday. Brace yourselves lads.”

” Absolutely shambolic state of affairs that on Sunday. Newcastle will be playing Sheff Utd with neither club having fans there … but only one set of fans getting their money back.”

“Got an email in today from Man Utd saying that all season ticket holders will get free Sky Passes and Digital Programmes for Utd Home games in an effort to recreate the Match Day atmosphere.Newcastle have announced a similar scheme – they are sending a tramp with diarrhoea round to **** in your toilet.”

By Roy

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