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“A Villa – Sheff Utd game will never in history have more viewers. “

“Dreading this. Could go either way in regards to fitness, confidence, mentality etc.”

“I have a feeling they’ll be fitter than us. I don’t know why, I could be wrong, I just do.
I think we’ll lose unfortunately. We desperately need to win this one.”

“Just looking at the table and we have conceded 31 more goals than them so far! We spent lots on our defence and they spent nothing so full credit to Wilder and their players. They will be bang up for it as a win would take them within 2 points of a Champions League spot even if Man City win their appeal.”

“Well Sheffield utd have, no matter what the result, outplayed us every time we’ve played them since they got promoted to the championship. I’m not really expecting a worldwide pandemic to change anything really.”

“Well we all know wilder will have had them hard ar it during the lay off unlike our lot who probably bar one exception were following the rules and lounging around and jogging around the living room .
Just for once can we come out and muscle with them from the off”

“With the odd exception I didnt see any fight all season and I dont see us outbattling or competing with a Sheffield side who will be up for it from the off.
Fully expecting a typical Villa roll over and die. “

“I think there is a bigger chance in beating Arsenal.”

“Every time i’ve watched them this season they’ve been working their a** off. The effort levels they put in is remarkable. A real team unit and togetherness Wilder has created. A point would be an incredible achievement”

“I think Sheffield will know we are very weak phsyically in midfield and go straight in for the kill.
Hope I am wrong, but taking into account they are still in with a great chance of European football next season they wont do us any favours”

“Worrying contrast between articles from Oli Norwood and El Ghazi. Sheffield sound rating to go, some of Villa squad worrying about CV19.
Doesn’t sound ideal preparation for such a crucial match”

“OK, so Oli Norwood is thick. Does that mean he’s a better player?”

“They may be honest fears ligitamately expressed but it is almost tantermount too flying the white flag before we have even kicked a ball.”

“Sheff Utd are good. I envy their success so far this season. But this will feel like the start of a new season almost for these teams.”

“Sheffield United were promoted alongside us last season. They have gained 18 more points than we have to date. Our target is and always was safety. Their target has now become European football. They have enjoyed a season that has already exceeded their most ambitious expectations. However, they aren’t Manchester City and they aren’t Liverpool, and on our day, we can win this one! After all, we gave them a 3-goal start at Villa Park last season and still got a point. Their fans have been suffering from a bad case of over confidence”

“I’ve been looking at S24SU. They really don’t like us and do really expect to beat us easily. I hope they will get a rude awakening, it’s shocking how one and three quarters worth of good seasons, has made them feel that they are now Barcelona.”

“They are a strange bunch. We were never as dismissing of the opposition like that when we were actually good and finishing in the top 6 regularly and we had much better players than they have who were being coveted by the top 4 teams. At the start of the season they would have just been happy to not finish 20th so it shows what success can do to clubs’ fans. Then again, most opposition fans don’t seem to like us – not sure why as we haven’t been much good for a long while now.”

“While Sheffield have got Europe to play for to a certain extent, I would like to think our players and team, should/would be pretty much more motivated that any other by being so close to the drop and so close to getting out of it.”

“I think last season they got a long way on a sort of collective confidence bred from hard work and organisation. The break won’t change the organisation or the attitude, but it will have affected their confidence – when you’re on a roll and playing at an unexpectedly high level, a break of a few months can be very dangerous. I think they’ll be a little nervous and wondering if they’re still going to have the momentum that’s got them to where they are”

“Sheffield utd have big lumps at the back and just get it forward quickly. 2 fast forwards will give them more problems than 1 up top who will just get taken out.”

“We could stand to benefit as much of their game is about hard work which could be undermined by the loss of fitness due to the break. On the other hand their focus on the physical aspect of the game could make them far more prepared for the restart than us. In other words I have no idea what to expect.”

“Of all teams, I think Sheffield and Leicester are the two who can cruise to an easy win against us.
However … times have changed. Sheffield are well drilled but individually they aren’t great. They will probably be confident, over confident, and chinks in their armour will appear. Once we score, those chinks will become great big gashes. Class will tell. A clear win for us.”

“Sheff Utd rank the lowest for shots this season, with only 286, which is just over 10 per game on average. They seem to have one nilled many of their wins. If we can keep a clean sheet, then I think we stand a chance of points.”

“We have no less talent than the likes of Sheffield, Newcastle, Burnley, Southampton, any of the five down with us. Mings, McGinn and Grealish are enough to keep us in this league, if they stay fit and in form and the rest of the team pull together and play like professionals.”

“On Paper our team is better than Sheffield united. Sadly Paper don’t win football games.”

“No chance. They’re favourites here as they have better players and a better manager.
McGinn, Grealish and Samatta get into their team, no one else.
No, not Mings”

“The only players who are genuinely better than our current position (i.e. relegation battle) is Grealish, possibly Mings, possibly Mcginn (who’s been out injured too long to judge), possibly Samatta (who hasn’t been here long enough to judge) – all others are currently low-end PL or worse.”

“One of those games we could win or lose, or draw, in my opinion.”

By Roy

7 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Aston Villa”
  1. One Villa fan says ‘one of those games we could win, lose or draw.’
    Another says ‘if we keep a clean sheet, we could get some points.
    Ha, ha, certainly not very Astute Villa fans.

  2. Well, I’m not a ‘hate Villa’ Blade. Don’t know why some are but too many so-called fans don’t know their football history. Villa fans are honest on this forum and deserve respect. Blades to win this I hope but no crowd and long lay off could result in strange outcome. UTB

  3. No issues with Villa at all – in fact I’ve always liked them. Genuine supporters who I travelled back with on the train after the reverse fixture – great set of lads. Tough one to call, hoping for 3 points but would probably take 1 now. Cmon Blades ( but hope AVFC stay up ) ??⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️

  4. well I ain’t no villa hater either Richard, in my day the ‘Villa’ were a class European outfit and their fans were and still are in my opinion some of the best and most vocally passionate in the game, never had a problem with them home or away, however all that being true, can’t honestly say I can call this game, before the break I would have had us beating them as favorites but now, the season has gone, the form has gone, and were now into the total unknowns of a mini season the likes of which any of us has seen before, its a cold cold shot at calling this one, look at the restarted German leagues, some strange strange games and results in there from what I have watched these past 3 weeks or so! Anyway, UTB, lets all hope for a great game for the world to watch, a Utd win and a march on to any European shot, UTB.

  5. Nob head calls Oli Norwood “Thick”. Then one of there bright sparks says “If we keep a clean sheet weve got a chance of points”. Keep a clean sheet and you’ll get one point. Another says they’ll win cos (bear in mind they’re at the bottom and we are 7th chance of 5th) “Class will tell” ffs you couldn’t make it up could you!!!!

  6. Much talk of ifs n buts..bottom line is villa are where they are because they’re a poor prem side.dont think they’ve bought well in the transfer market.damage has been done already.look at Norwich.champs last season..poorest side at the lane so far this season.going down.i agree we’re no world beaters but.but points in the bag n staying up.

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