“This break will throw up all sorts of surprise results for the run in”

“I’ve only had a glance at some of the Bundesliga and it confirmed what I already knew, football without us is crap. This isn’t gonna change suddenly with the Premier League for me personally, hope we can stay up but won’t be too fussed if we don’t.”

“We need get off to a good start and climb out of that bottom three as soon as possible, don’t want to still be down there if the nosaes is postponed again. Also if we return and just start losing again it will be hard to bounce back from that mentally as there will be a feeling that we’re just continuing from where we left off and any hope that the break will have done us good will have evaporated.”

“We were in freefall before the season ended and we most likely would have gone down at least this shakes things up and may well help us to stay up, if we go down now then so be it.”

“good the game in hand is being sorted first.”

“I don’t agree with the season restarting yet, but hey ho. I have a feeling that they are getting the games in hand out of the way in case things go wrong. I hope the team realise Sheff Utd could be our cup final.”

“This fixture is huge, and if we cant get right up and in their faces for this one then forget it.”

“Get the games in hand out of the way early then abandon it with no unresolved issues.
We had better beat Sheffield.”

“Without question this is what they are planning. An absolute cup final of cup finals is the Sheff United game”

“same for them though, a win will see them up to 5th…..”

“Well surely we will be bang up for it where Sheffield have nothing to lose either way”

“What a big game this will be.
Should be a cracking atmosphere”

“Beat Sheffield Utd, loads of players test positive the next day, league cancelled before weekend fixtures are played, league decided on PPG.
We stay up on PPG. Simples. “

“Our fate is in our own hands, we have to win its that simple. I think we will,. Grealish has rested which he needed and McGinn should be back. Be interesting to see clubs change their attitudes toward ppg should we climb out of relegation.”

“Just rewatched highlights of the first game against Shef United , they battered us ..recall last season in the 3-3 they did the same but somehow fell apart to let us draw.Very well coached and they are brilliant at over laps with the Wing backs “

“Shame Sheff Utd are our first game, yes I know why, but if there is one team that will be fit and motivated, its them. Hope DS is really ready for this.”

“I bet Sheff Utd are one of the fittest out the lot and have total focus on this once in a lifetime opportunity they currently find themselves in. Read somewhere Wilder had them doing fitness work throughout this break to keep in peak condition. Whereas Matt Targett openly came out and said we need 6 weeks or so to even get to an acceptable level of fitness whilst scoffing down a stuffed crust meatfest in his interview. “

” I’m pretty surprised this looks like resuming again and I am not totally convinced it will conclude with a full completion of (38) fixtures.
As others have alluded to, it will probably only last long enough to award Liverpool the title and a PPG system for relegation!
Other than Man City and Liverpool (for obvious reasons), I would say Sheffield United are probably the next team I wouldn’t want to face going on our recent results/performances against them.
It’s going to be a very tough start and I already fear for us (mentally) as we know with Wilder’s team they will be right up and at it from the off and I think this fixture was definitely one where the “12th man” would’ve spurred us on. “

“I don’t agree that the intention is not to finish it. As long there is no great spike in footballers tested positive then it will continue. As yet that hasn’t happened in Germany.”

“We should be better prepped for the restart than most with our midfield socially isolating our CBs and our lone striker being socially isolated from absolutely everyone.
Don’t forget to keep 2m away from your man at corners as well lads!”

“Mings should tell all opposition he has corona, nobody will go near our box. Maybe cough on a few opposition players”

“I think today of all days describes the scumbag Premier League. A Premier League managers father has died from corona virus complications. Instead of respect, they announce the league return date. Scumbags”

By Roy

8 thoughts on “Aston Villa Fans Views On The Restart”
  1. Lol everyone kept saying blades wont get anywhere in premier league…now were a team people are worried about. Weve got a good away record so villa bring it on

  2. It’s great to see how much respect we have now earned from other supporters, especially from the big clubs. Just loved the “should be a cracking atmosphere” comment……brilliant…..

  3. How is Grealish going to dive on the floor if we can’t go within 2 Mtrs of him usually he dives down at 3.

    1. Try and play football then you knobhead, he’s too clever for you, so take it in turns to foul him, put your address up and I will come over and kick you a few times and see if you go down , two Bob arseholes like you have got as much idea about sport as a house brick,cant wait for Jack to bang the winner in, don’t forget your address you twat.

  4. This shows how far we have come.

    “Other than Man City and Liverpool (for obvious reasons), I would say Sheffield United are probably the next team I wouldn’t want to face going on our recent results/performances against them.”

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