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“We have had 5 separate goal scorers over the last two games. Beaten 2 ‘top 5’ teams and kept a clean sheet. Our Keeper has just delivered a stunning performance in goal on global TV, saving penalties.
The force of momentum is built on these aspects, and I can see us getting a result come Saturday against a team that schooled us a few months ago.
We have just gone two games unbeaten, and the team are champing at the bit with superb support behind them.
Are the footballing gods slowly turning towards us?
Momentum! Are we at last putting something positive together?”

“A few bumps on the road, but we’ve been playing better for a while now. The dice has started to fall in our favor. It just “had” to happen at some point. There is a real psychological benefit to winning a couple, and even more so if you defend well. Just be a little more confident and it’ll be a bit easier to concentrate, be more resilient to setbacks, a bit more intimidating to the opponent.
Sheffield will now face a team that has recently beaten Leicester and Tottenham.
I wouldn’t want to play against a team that has recently beaten Leicester and Tottenham”

“we’re giving ourselves a chance, and need to keep the momentum going against Sheff U”

“Keep it up lads! Having Pukki fresh will help us immensely.”

“if we beat Sheff Utd which is a tall order itself I’ll start to believe”

“They have just started to go slightly off the boil”

“Sheff Utd are the team of the season. Seriously. Forget all those top 6 teams. They can just buy success. Amazing what has been achieved at their club. Especially when there has been that dispute in the background”

“It’s great to see them mixing things up at the top end of the table with a proper team that’s not full of overpaid primadonnas. I ****ing hate Wilder as a bloke after his crying a few years back, but hard to deny he’s a brilliant manager and easy to see why Sheff fans love him.”

“the league doesn’t actually have to be at it’s best for it to be getting harder and harder for teams like us to survive in. Credit to Sheffield United.”

“good luck to them – but the last newly promoted team to finish 5th were promptly relegated the following season – you may have heard of them – they play in blue and white”

“sheff Utd spent around £44m we spent less than £2m, that show a real lack of intend by the board. “

“Sheffield Utd have done very well this year and I can understand that some fans are jealous of them, but their success is founded upon the players that they went up with rather than the purchases that they have made in the summer.1.all their bigger purchases only Olly McBurnie at a reported £20 million has played in half of their games (and scored 4 goals) – the rest of them have played fewer and some hardly at all. One £7 million pound 25 year old has been loaned out to a championship club. “On paper” the players we brought in during the summer looked a better bet.
2.In any case, one of the reasons that they were able to spend more than us in the summer was that they were in a stronger financial position to start with having been very frugal in the Championship. Luckily for them, assured of PL football next year, they are able to attract some better candidates now. ”

“I’m not surprised that Sheff Utd are doing well, as they were the team of the season last year IMO, despite the fact that we won the league. The Premier League is VERY physical, and VERY skillful, and that’s why it’s so difficult to do well as a promoted team with smaller ball control type players, especially if that ball control goes off the boil.”

“We simply don’t like a bully teams that hassle, full of big lumps, that knock us out of our game. Burnley, Watford, Brighton and all. Give us a footballing side and we more than hold our own. Doesn’t bode well for Saturday!!”

“Sheff Utd are far from cloggers…they play a bit of football””Being big and physical doesn’t make you a bully. I haven’t analysed it but it does seem to me that we fare better against teams that are smaller in stature.”

“I don’t see any traditional bullies in this league, bully in this instance refers to a more robust style, adopting an aggressive press (United did this and made us look very inadequate) or just generally bigger and stronger (Burnley, Watford, Sheffield United). Hopefully second time around playing these teams we may have learnt, to perhaps throw in the odd long ball to turn the defence and force the press back!”

“It’s also possible to be a decently technically skilled, big fast bully. Having been to Burnley (A), Wolves (H&A) and Sheff U (H) amongst others, I just can’t see that traditional divide any more, at this level”

“We don’t have the players to “outmuscle” and we definitely can’t rely on the officials to protect our players. I’m pretty sure a landmine could go off under one of our players and you wouldn’t see a flicker on a Premier league referees face”

“I fear the fatigue of last nights gruelling cup tie will be too much against a physical Sheff Utd side”

“Extra time worst case for us. Sorry but premiership should be more important. Great 2nd half, but i fear we wont have enough for sheff u “

“I hope all our players aren’t too wrecked for Sheffield Utd”.

“I see that of all the PL teams playing in the FA Cup this week, Norwich have been afforded the least recovery time before the weekend matches.”

“The Sheff Utd game should be on Sunday.”

“We can win every game and we can lose every game – it just is not written down anywhere that anything is certain, which is why I was not certain of anything at the end of last season – and it wasn’t certain – and this season I put in the prediction thread we COULD finish high in the table. It wasn’t ey-eye-addio we’re gonna finish 4th” it was simply recognising anything could happen.
If I was a Blade on a Sheff Utd forum and had put “we could finish fourth” at the start of the season, I probably would have been ridiculed there too, but it just shows how certainty is not a “thing” in football.”

“After Norwich had another famous cup win (on Nov 3 1993), guess who we had to play in the Premier League three days later? Yep, Sheffield United. At Bramall Lane. And we won 2-1. Goals from Jeremy Goss and Darren Eadie. Just saying…”

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