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“Wolves at home, Sheffield United away, repeat at your leisure. Norwich can’t continue to ‘play well’ and lose games. That isn’t sustainable. That doesn’t keep you in the division.
What constitutes a positive performance? Passages of decent possession without penetration?”

“Very poor today, how have a bland club like Sheff Utd surpass us on every level!”

“Rich owners. They aren’t planning with Prudence.”

“Sheff Utd and Villa have very rich owners, more £ than Delia. Fact is we are self funded until there is concrete offer to buy the club, of which there hasn’t been.”

“They just know how to grind out results. Not sure I’d like to watch that each week but you have to admire what they’ve done this season. We’re just a bit soft in the middle like a decent soufflé!!!”

“Four minutes stoppage time after a player has spent three minutes rubbing his head for no reason and both teams have made three subs?
This game is ridiculous. Sheffield United completely outmuscled, outniggled and outhustled us today. ”

“The replay clearly showed there was no contact on McBurnie – it was pure cheating to add to the thuggery the ref completely ignored. If you want to watch a team like them you’re welcome to Robbie, but I never would. The ball was 80% over the line but just wouldn’t go in. Have we had any luck go our way this season?”

“The blades team is full of thugs. Two double-footed, off the floor tackles from Fleck unpunished. What the f?”

“Anyone else fed up with the opposition goalkeepers having worldies against us?? Incredible how often its happened this season!!”

“Poor premier league match from both teams today. Their keeper MOTM sums it up. How did we not score? Quiet stadium”

“Sheff U had a 10 minute spell in which they scored and had chances but we dominated the 2nd half. 3 Shots inside the 6 yard box without scoring. Just our luck.”

“May have been the same result but Sheff Utd had 24 hours extra to recover from their FA Cup game and didn’t then have to travel at the weekend – both likely factors in a poor 1st half.
Unlucky not to get a point at the end”

“yes. They did have a gruelling midweek fixture to contend with. So did Sheffield United, by the way.
They didn’t get back until the early hours, I suspect the Blades didn’t either. They upped it for 15 minutes and won the fixture. That’s levels. Not fitness.”

“They had 24 hours extra recovery. That’s a massive advantage to go along with being at home”

“Wednesday to Saturday turnaround proved too much in the end. They were the last team I’d want to play when not 100% physically”

“Sheffield United did not need to be good to beat us today. Impotent”

“Breaking down an organised Sheff U 1-0 down was always going to be a big ask after the Spurs effort midweek.”

“Not as free flowing today and found it hard to penetrate through thirds regularly. Sheffield made it hard , they pressed well and broke the play up.”

“Any small hope I had left is now gone. Sheff U didn’t even need to be that good, one cross and Hanley/Godfrey dont mark their men and they score an easy goal. Offered absolutely nothing going forward other than Krul and Hanley lumping it long as if we’re a League One team”

“Sheff Utd defended well; as I’m sure we expected them to.”

“Sheff Utd just so bloody efficient. Knew exactly how to play us. Bastards.”

“A few second half positives to cling to but overall City we’re out-fought by a superbly disciplined and determined Blades team full of confidence. Bramall Lane was rocking.”

“Sheff Utd also know where our difficulties lie – we can’t defend crosses into the box, whether that be from deep crosses or set pieces. They’ve capitalised on that to good effect”

“Frustrating to lose all games against fellow promoted sides this season – though impressed with Sheff Utd’s intensity today.”

“First time Sheffield United have done the double over us in decades. Well deserved, worrying lack of variation in our play when chasing”

“Was men against boys”

“Thought they looked tired but they tried their best, battled, but struggled to break down a very good, very organised Sheffield United Good luck to the Blades – hope they get into Europe. They deserve it.”

“Sheffield controlled the game. We were outplayed and out-thought. We’ve now played them 5 times since “Busgate” and the record is 4 Sheffield wins and one match drawn.”

“No Sheffield United controlled two periods of about twenty minutes in each half where they had us locked defending. They made one of those dominant periods count and unlocked us. We failed to make our dominant periods count.”

“I have an irrational hatred of them. I accept there is no real reason – just can’t stand them.”

“Two football players I can’t stand… Billy Sharp and Dean Henderson… so arrogant with no class. Of course they would be the two to rub our noses in it today.”

“A lot of their fans have never ever gotten over that game a few years ago. A real chip on their shoulder.”

“Norwich snd Sheff Utd have a lot in common, both got promoted and trying to stay up by doing things the right way (one more successfully..) yet their fans have this really weird hatred of us because we beat them once 3 years ago and wasted some time. Really odd”

“One of my least favourite grounds after the three of us were offered a fight outside the stadium after we beat them a couple of seasons ago. Yes I’m sure a couple in their ‘50s with their autistic son would be up for some mindless violence… Bizarre!”

“Horrible place, horrible fans who seem to revel in their neanderthal image. Charmless all round”.

“Hate Sheffield United, but think it’s more out of jealousy. Good investment has given them such a good season. Norwich were poor and never got going. All hope lost of survival, relying on some cup magic”

By Roy

17 thoughts on “View From Norwich”
  1. 6 points in the road and some of use are maki g excuses we are terrible and in the championship next season

  2. Fantastic work again Andrew. Love reading these views. Interesting that a lot of comments (not just Norwich fans) are so conflicting!
    Looking forward to the pod. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Amazing show of sour grapes and Norfolk inbreeding
    Right now the wind up is out of the way reading this it just shows the different views from fans, let’s start with us you go down quicker than any other team I’m sure Egan coughed, whilst waiting for your Lewis to take a throw in the 2nd minute 47 seconds it took him, as he did Puki went down
    Now you having read your comments it’s a quiet stadium said one yet more say the place was rocking, another how we raised the roof
    Then you have the nerve to call us thugs yet mre admire our play how we ARE a team who work for each other and press teams through out
    My point being each fan has an opinion yet never have I seen comments on one match that vary so widely

  4. Specsavers I’m sure you surely need as if you think we play boring football your more dumber they your article ! Firstly your players couldn’t play are football week in week out as your not fit enough or smart enough ! You had one shot by pukki that rattled the bar and we had many then you had a free header couldn’t score unlike Billy Sharp did and then are goal keeper did a triple save and that it we out played you out thought you and out fought you we are the men of steel your more like orange peel left over from Delhi Smith’s alcohol Christmas cake !!!!! Sour grapes won’t get you no where and saying we are rich is a joke our owner has no money only the money we got for going up it’s just that we bought got great loanes and free and our players are not greedy as jags is our highest paid player on 50 thousand . We have a great defence and I will admit we should score more but that happens when you don’t play Sharp .

  5. Started of very well, like a good shopping trip but ended up with a bunch of sour grapes. Keep the good work as the yo yo continues

  6. I love how much Norwich hate is, when I have no bad feelings towards them at all. Just another 3 points to us.

  7. Instead of slagging and pulling bits of Sheffield United take a look at yourself mediocre championship side with a frustrated manager no investment just looking to take premiership money and go back down very poor

  8. All i can see here is a bunch of crybabys that lost a game of football and have now taken to the internet to state how badd sufc are their fans their ground etc come on chaps u have next season in the championship to improve get back up here and prove ur better but dont make silly excuses cus ur shit!!!

  9. We may have rich owners as some here have suggested, however the team we put our yesterday against a norwich (who i thought were really good) was with the exception of mcburnie the same side thar played in the champuonship last season…. (osborn was a sub due to enda stevens going off injured)
    Not in the same league as villa when it comes to £££££££ spent…. Having read some of the comments on here i could not, will not try offer a reason or an excuse for the way cerrtain fans of ALL teams behave.. I am fortunate to have been able to attend football matches frequently since 1981 without the need to threaten people and nor have i beeb threatened. I feel sorry for anyone who has experienced this. Some fans are thugs and unfortunately every team has them. But the team i wholeheartedly believer are not thugs as one comment suggested…. If we were, we would have a lot more red and yellow cards against us already this season. As would Norwich as in this modern game some teams (not Norwich or sufc) have players who have the ability to fall over at the slightest touch…… The game may not have been that pretty yesterday, howver all managers alter certain aspects of their game in order to try and beat the opposition….. I genuinely wish Norwich well in their battle against the drop as some of the football they played was as good as any away team I’ve seen at bramall lane this season??

  10. All Norwich fans contradicting each other,you are gud to watch at times as are we bt looking good doesnt win games,we are what we are and we are proud of it and our heritage,from our fans to the manager to the tea lady,we are simply “United”

  11. Talk about sour grapes from the Norwich fans.At the end of last season I pointed out that Norwich gained 35 extra points in added time and said that would not happen in the Premier League and so it’s proved.And by the way the Blades played an all British side unlike the Norwich mercenaries.And just for good measure the 5 man defence cost the grand sum of £5 million.Credit where it’s due I would have thought!

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