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“Sheffield United and Coronovirus all that stand in the way of Arsenal and Wembley”

“Best draw we could have got.
Would love The Arsenal at Wembley again.”

“Decent, not in too good form Sheffield Utd!!”

“I want a revenge on Sheffield like so bad. We should hit them hard. Come on gunners”

“Revenge time”

“When teams get the right tactics, they can take Sheffield apart”

“Sheffield away in the quarters. That’s a ticket through to the semis if ever I saw one”

“Tough draw but a winnable one”.

“We are in semi final already”

“Sheffield are home, higher than us in the league and we haven’t beaten them yet. I’d rather play Chelsea at home than Sheffield away”

“Happy with that tbh. Could have been a much tougher opponent. If we reach the semi final it’s all to play for”

“A tougher opponent? They’ve taken 4pts off us this season and are above us. They’ll be absolutely delighted drawing us at home.”

“Nahhh its just promotion boost… We can easily tale Them. Rather have Them than Chelsea City and Leicester, so we should be happy”

“4 pts because of referees”

“wrong decisions in their favour in both games. Not easy, especially away, but it could have been a lot tougher.”

“Don’t get it twisted. Sheffield United won’t be a easy game. They have taken 4 points off us this season, we need to be on top of our game to progress to the Semi’s”

“We should have took 6 points from Sheffield Utd this season, we self destructed in vital moments, this is a chance at some redemption”

“One thing’s for sure: you’d expect us to play a damn sight better than we did up there back in October”

“Time to get our own back”

“Sheffield Will put 11 players in their own penalty box like they are used to”

“I think it’s the best draw we could have got apart from Newcastle at home”

“There wasn’t an easy team in that draw really. Maybe Newcastle at home but Toon away is tricky.
We’ve got a really tough away day, really a 50/50 call.”

“Four good ties there but I can’t see The Arsenal making it through. Sad times when I can’t tip us away at Sheffield bloody United, should be routine”

“That’s going to be tough. Oh well. We’re THE ARSENAL and can beat anyone when we are up for the fight!”

“What a stubborn team to face”

“Sheffield United away…..That’s Sheffield through then! Our away record up north in particular is awful! I hope to be proven wrong! It’s a winnable game of course, but we have failed to beat them this season.”

“They are in great form with a great manager under no circumstance must we take them lightly in the quest for a 14th FA Cup”

“Not a good draw”

“away from home at Sheffield, it’s all over lads.”

“Quit before we even start”

“We are out then.”

“We’re about 10 unbeaten away aren’t we, and yet it’s still a stretch to believe Arsenal can go and win big games away from home”

“Should be a sell out, I can’t believe how many empty seats there are at Sheffield Wednesday against Man City.
How often a they going to see so many world class players at their ground?”

By Roy

7 thoughts on “Arsenal Fans Reactions To The Quarter Final Draw”
  1. Loving all the optimism from Arsenal fans.. They were probably feeling the same when we played em twice and took 4 points.. Lets hope the team have the same pig headedness as their fans.. Arsenal aren’t the same team from years ago they’ve lost their top 4 club title in my opinion.

  2. some arsenal fans have got very short memories. Already took 4 points from you this season can’t wait to knock you out of cup too

  3. We dont need big time Charlie’s to play good to watch football.Especially at the Lane.I can assure you there will be no empty seats

  4. Seem to recall Arsenal took off a £70 million signing in the league game at Bramall Lane when the mighty Blades won.The 5 man Sheff Utd defence cost the grand sum of £5 million.Get real you Arsenal fans.Wake up and smell the coffee!

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