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“They’ve cleared up the goal line issue. There was no error. Apparently due to Covid-19 restrictions no goal is awarded unless it’s at least 2 metres over the line.”

“I honestly feel ashamed about us stealing a point when Nyland and Davis clearly knew it was over the line. “

“Considering our bench were a bunch of whining little bitches and pressured their manager in to gifting us a goal for the spirit of the game, for us to then pretend this was all above board, I can see why (other teams are criticising us)”

” a 1 in 9000 chance has seen us earn a point. Remarkable..”

“I’m not going to feel too bad for them about it because it’s not like they “deserved” the goal in the first place, it was a fluke mistake on our part, not that it makes it ok just that if they had scored a genuinely good goal for it to have been cancelled would have a been an even worse situation all round.”

“The goal decision was unfortunate for Sheff Utd, but we have had plenty of decision’s go against us so there is no sympathy from me.”

“Least we gained something from technology today after being shafted most of the season”

“Their goal wasnt even a chance”

“Probably a fair result, they obviously had their “goal”, we had the better chances in the game. All the talk will be about lucky Villa post-match, but we’ve deserved a bit of luck after some of the decisions that have gone against us this season.”

“we should have been a goal up before that event, maybe iven 2 up, very poor finishing by us”

“We were the better team, created more chances in a drab game where everyone lacked fitness. Incredibly, we should’ve lost, so I’ll take that.”

“Do people really not realise Sheff U were just happy to get a 90 minutes under their belt unscathed and weren’t actually trying to compete that much?”

“Decent point, but pretty scandalous. “

“Like we’ve never been away. Shef Utd were there for the taking. Luik our best player.
The reality is we should have lost.”

“Scraped a point at home against Sheffield United who have spent a fraction of what we have.”

“they were shit.”

“Let’s also be honest in saying that’s probably on the better side of how we generally play and we still didn’t really look like taking three points against a very underperforming Sheffield United. “

“Shows how far our standards have fallen if we think a draw at home to Sheffield United is a good result when we needed three points to climb out of the relegation zone. Despite how well they’re doing this season today was one of the better chances we will have this season of taking three poinits and we faiild to capitalize”

“That was a very poor performance from Sheff Utd TH. If we can’t beat a poor Blades, what chance with some of the fixtures coming up?”

“Sheff Utd were nowhere near as good as their league position suggests. Could have easily been mistaken by anyone as being a team that are in the relegation zone as us.”

“Great point at home to the shite Sheffield United! “

“The break has done Sheff Utd no favours. They looked as bad if not worse than us. They were awful. If that game had have been played when it was supposed to have they would have beaten us with the run we were both on.”

“Told you Sheffield aren’t very good.
If the goal had been allowed, it would have been a fluke; Davis barging into Nyland was one of these things. And there were the penalties we didn’t get. Probably a fair result. Sheffield aiming for Europe while we’re aiming to beat the drop? Laugh.”

“Can’t see how you can be disappointed by that. Sheff Utd looked like a League 2 side out there”

“Aren’t United one of the best away teams in the league? We should have won. It was a story of keepers. There’s is insane. Ours is insane too but completely for different reasons and he cannot play again. We could have easily won”

Apart from nylands mistake I think we were the better side and could have won one nil. Mcginn wasn’t up to speed and grealish was pushed out the game. It’s easy to see Sheffield United and forget what this side has done this season.”

“That was alright considering Sheffield are a better team than us and we had players out of position
Got away with the goal obviously .Was always going to be a strange slow drab start, that’s a point in a game we will “definitley lose” ill take them”

“Decent result against a better team. Created chances. Didn’t bottle it. Progress.
You know this behind-closed-doors thing might help our lot.”

“Given we had no other fit centre backs, Samatta not fully fit, or a match fit McGinn we still dominated Sheffield United in crucial areas of the pitch. Hause was poor and Grealish took time to show his many qualities. Nyland suspect as ever on crosses. I’m not going to entertain the stupidity of saying we should have let them score.”

Bossed that game. Should have won that.
We were organized, energetic and a threat going forward, until Keinan went off.
Play like that and we can beat Chelsea. I firmly believe that.”

“Thought it was a brilliant performance. Clinical and we would have won that 3-0”

“We completely nulled them out of the game. They created nothing. We should have won that.
It’s ridiculous if you can’t be positive after that.”

“We might have been slightly better than a woeful team today but I dont see how that makes you PROUD OF THE BOYZ or think we’ll beat Chelsea”

“was like a pre season friendly no intensity”

“I don’t miss football one bit. If I have any restraint that’s my last game of the season. What a tedious 2 hours”

“Doesnt feel right wi no fans like a pre season freindly v some lower division mob from eastern europe,anyone else think theyre playing games untill lfc win the league then itl get called as it is,due to maybe a another wee spike in covid or a few players getting it,maybe im paranoid,so need to keep away from relegation zone.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Aston Villa”
  1. Villa couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. If that’s them playing well I’d hate to see them play crap. One goal scored and it’s by a rusty Sheffield United who would have gone on to win from there.

  2. How are so.e of these morons claiming to have been robbed by VAR this season. No team as been hit harder than us by VAR. villa are one of most hated teams in league. Hope they go down and Smith gets sack.

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