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“That was hilarious”

“clearly the better team throughout”

“Was that Newcastle or Barcelona?!”

“Good result, decent performance when looking at other teams since the restart. Sheff U were really poor though.”

“SU where crap and lost the game.”

“They are shite”

“I thought they were very ordinary when we played them down there too.”

“second best defense in the league” pack of frauds. “

” I thoroughly enjoyed that, and also those boring frauds getting exposed for the jokers they are.”

“Pretty much stopped trying to score with 10 mins to go, which I suppose is fair enough with the result safe and the fixture congestion, but I wanted to see us push for more goals as there was a couple of chances we just didn’t bother pursuing”

“It was an enjoyable watch from more or less the first ten minutes, which was the only spell that they looked up to much. I can’t remember a game where kept the ball as well as that for a long time. Obviously helped by the red card but an encouraging start.”

“with 10 men they kept the ball a tad more than we did and their passing overall was better than ours”

“a big mistake by egan,he should have let joelinton go, as he would have missed.”

“Their goalkeeper was really poor”

“Clearly our fans constantly berating and moaning does hold us back”

” I have missed football a lot and was worried it wouldn’t work. This was fine. And I’m fine if everyone treats these like friendlies if we keep winning 3-0…..”

“When I’m in watching with the piped in crowd noise I can’t say I even notice there not being a crowd.
And who misses grown morons in the crowd hurling abuse at players? They’re generally the only tossers you catch on camera.”

“I’m struggling to get into them. They feel like friendlies to
me with a lack of competitive edge. There’s a lot more flow to games though as the refs aren’t giving anywhere near as many free kicks without the influence of the crowd.”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Newcastle”
  1. Chuffin el , have we done something to upset you ?
    I used to have a lot of respect for Newcastle but you’re beginning to sound more like Man City fans .
    Well played btw you thoroughly deserved to win and out fought us in nearly every department.
    See you next year when we’ll see if you can do it again

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