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“The most casual 3:0 in ages!”

“Our best performance this season?”

“The possession football in the 2nd half just crushed Sheffield.”

“Most enjoyable game for a long time.”

“A thorough dismantling. 6 shots on target was more the Sheffield U’s 4 shots total. That was just fun to watch.”

“Made them look very ordinary.”

“Utterly bossed what by reputation was a good team”.

“Created some good chances and made a good side look very average. “

“Martial took advantage of Sheffield missing Henderson, Egan and O’Connell.”

“Most important thing for me is that we’ve come out of the break with the same form we went into it with. As we saw from Sheffield United, not every team can say the same.”

” i don`t understand what has happened to Sheffield United? They look dreadful after the break”

“Sheff Utd look utterly shot away and missed some key defensive players.”

“We would have probably drawn this game before the lockdown, so obviously happy that we have had them at the right time.”

“Sheffield Utd looked beaten before a ball was kicked. Didn’t look arsed from the 1st minute.”

“Sheffield United were terrible”

By Roy

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