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A selection of view from Wales fans regarding the performances of Ethan Ampadu and Rhys Norrington-Davies during their 1-0 win over Bulgaria

“Ampadu so good at inteceptions. At Leipzig his role is to dart from CB and steal the ball”

“Ampadu dragging Davies away from an argument with the referee – future captain”

“Smith seemed more relaxed today. Because Ampadu is playing alongside him in the middle (Chris Wilder take note!)”

“Ampadu. Peerless, playmaker peacemaker.”

“never fails to impress me. Unbelievable player and only going to get better”

“Ampadu doing Ampadu things”


“Don’t understand the hype around Declan Rice either, bang average player. Ethan Ampadu can do exactly what he does to the exact same level.”

“One of the biggest positives”


“My MOTM has to be Ethan Ampadu. Showed such maturity when all the yellow cards were flying around. Missed very little attack and defence wise. Bravo.”

“Rodon & Ampadu.. both seriously talented”

“a solid display”

“There were plenty of promising performances tonight. Rodon, Mepham, Ampadu & Norrington-Davies did well”

“I know Ampadu has cult status for Wales but he’s massively overrated.”

“He’s about seven years old though. There’s probably an element of projection to the general view of him, in that he looks like one of those strolling midfield generals/liberos that great European teams of the past had. But he’s a kid. A promising one, too.”

“Didnt do enough imo”

“Ampadu was poor”

“Great debut from Norrington Davies.”

“Norrington-Davies MOTM.”

“Norrington-Davies was excellent”

“Rhys Norrington-Davies fantastic on debut”

“looked at ease on debut”

” First time I’ve seen Norrington-Davies play – impressive. “

“Norrington-Davies was a STUD this game”

“Absolutely brilliant debut”

“Norrington-Davies impressed a lot”

“Rhys Norrington-Davies was a big plus on his debut”

“thought the dude looked good on his debut tonight”

“Rhys Norrington-Davies like a prime Kenny Jackett out there tonight”

“Norrington-Davies looked quite good!”

“Llongyfarchiadau Rhys Norrington-Davies cap cyntaf arbennig. Aber boi done good! “

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