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“The fact that game was even remotely competitive is just gross”.

“Talk about making a meal out of it, christ”

“Two big fat Christmas presents for Sheffield United tonight with those goals but thank feck we held onto the 3 points.”

“Thank feck for that. Can’t even believe how a very easy game turned like this in last 5 minutes.”

“Hanging on against them at the end ffs.”

“Way closer that should have been but 3 points anyway. Henderson is not the answer.”

£3-1 would have flattered Sheffield United, and suddenly we’re hanging on at the death?!”

“De Gea plays and that’s 0-3.”

“The least consistent team in the history of football. We get outplayed for the first and last 10 minutes of the game and in between that we are steamrolling them.”

“Needed that win. 3-2 flattered them really, gifted them the 1st & the 2nd was lucky and not a corner anyway. Some decent football at times.”

“I thought we were unlucky. We played well apart from the nightmare start. Should and could have scored a lot more than 3.”

“Terrible first 15 average in the middle 60 and terrible in the last 15 again. In the end it was enough against a poor Sheff utd, job done.”

“We made it hard for no reason. But deserved win. Sheffield Utd are shite this season.”

“Weird game, thankfully Sheffield United pretty shite and Bruno and Pogba are pretty good.”

“No problem with a hard fought away win against what I will always maintain is a decent side short of confidence. Liverpool and City could easily have dropped points to these this season as well and both scored less than us in their game”

“Great effort from Sheffield they really put United under pressure early on. But Sheffield choosing to play such a high line against a United side with so much pace was naive to say the least. United are one of the best counter attacking teams in Europe and Sheffield just couldn’t live with it. Had Sheffield dropped deep after their goal they could have caused real problems for a United side that has trouble against teams who employ a low block.”

“Impressed with their workrate. Ramsdale needs to be dropped though.”

“Sheff Utd have now made the worst start in the English top flight since the league was formed back in the 1800’s”

“It’s a double whammy on the first one. We were the previous holders of the worst start – in the 30s apparently.
Thanks Sheffield”

“Will be glad to see Sheffield United go down, were a bunch of thugs today”

“Next away game we might as well just boot the ball into our own net at kick off.
To be fair we sort of did that today anyway”

By Roy

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