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“The definition of a must win. Our only easy game on paper before January.
It would be typical of us to be Sheffield’s first 3 points of the season.
Tbf to them, they’ve only lost most games by a goal.”

“They are on poor form and struggled to even get a point but let’s not underestimating them, most of the game they only lost by 1 goal difference.”

“Two points was dropped in this fixture last season, the injury time equaliser by Sheffield United probably would be disallowed this season.
Sheffield United have been competitive in all of their home games this season and I expect Thursday to be no different.”

“This will be Sheffield United’s first win of the season. It’s just that kind of season.”

“They gotta get a win at some point and we are the perfect opportunity.”

“I’m bricking it against the most underpowered team in the league this reason, Christ.
Thank god they have Ramsdale in net.”

“They’ve been shocking so far this season – so you know they’re going to roll up their sleeves and become giant killers for the night.”

“They’ve got 1 point all season.
If they double their point tally v us at the very least it’s utterly embarrassing”

“it would be embarrassing to lose against them”

“I have no doubt that Sheffield will raise their game against us (who doesn’t when Utd come to town?)
Even so, we really should be winning this game based on their current form.”

“It won’t be pretty, but we’ll grind out the win as we look to the more interesting fixture this weekend.”

“Expect rotation for this one, we play Leeds on Sunday.”

“Need to use the squad here. Leeds on Sunday will be on a whole another level intensity wise”

“Sheffield United have been so poor this year, so feel it’s a nice one to have on a Thurs, then Leeds will be a real fitness test”

“Points wise, they’re the worst team in PL history so far. However, these are not a bad team. The amount of chances they create, I do not know how they aren’t in the top half, let alone relegation certainties with a solitary point. It’ll be a harder game than Leeds, who’ve seemingly already started to run out of steam. Still need to rotate though.”

“They are bottom of the league so I imagine the bus will be parked”

“I can us struggling to break these down”

“I just checked the league table and Sheff Utd are bottom of the league.
So, we are up against the worst team in the league who have a return of 1 point from 11 games.
Logically, we’ll wipe the floor with these guys, but given that we struggle against worse teams, who knows how we’ll do.”

“Away from home = victory, would love to see that continuing and just look at how abysmal the Blades have been so far.”

“At least this should be a pretty straightforward and easy win. They have been garbage this season, and we’re kings away from home”

“Should be an easy win. We have the ability to smash them but id take a 2 goal difference”

“We should really be putting these guys to the sword. They have been very bad for a long time.”

“These lot are spectacularly fecking shit. As in useless in all areas, attack midfield defence. We should batter these if we play at our best. “

“Sheffield are mid-table Championship quality but I do not doubt we will find a way to make them look good”

“Excited to see the most Championship strikeforce in the history of the Premier League up against Baz Maguire and co. McBurnie will turn into a ginger bearded Ronaldo.”

“I’m hoping these games finish off Ole for good.”

“Surely Wilder’s job is on the line for this match, if they don’t react sooner?”

“Teams invest a lot of money and work hard to get up into the EPL.
Why on Earth are Sheff Utd just passively allowing their team to get relegated.
I don’t think I’ve seen such a passive response to getting into the EPL.
It’s like getting promoted at work, with double pay and instead of working hard to learn the new role and succeed at it, you just sit back passively and fail every task in the job, so you can be demoted back to your old position.”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Man Utd”
    1. No it isn’t! It’s not good but nothing like as bad as the team that got relegated to div 4 or even the team under Weir a few years ago before clough came in

    2. I’ve been a supporter since 1953, Jimmy Hagan et al, it’s the worst start but not the worst team. We really need the crowd back as well as O’Connell. We pray for it. Sacking Wilder would be cruel, having achieved wonders. Return to our style of play please.

  1. Tavish are you on glue ? Or does your 65 years not include the adkin and league 1 .defeat at home to Fleetwood and Southend…losing 4-0 at Gillingham
    Stop being so sensationalist

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