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“A curious encounter, this. Saints vs Bottom Club with the fans back at St Mary’s.”

“Expecting a tough game, Sheffield United have one point in eleven matches but the games I’ve seen them in they have looked decent and were unlucky to lose (v Leicester and Man City) I think if we do win it will be a tight 1-0 or 2-1. Chris Wilder, Billy Sharp and David McGoaldrought ex Saints coming back should get a decent reception from the home fans.”

“Beware the wounded animal, eventually they will win. That said, we had 6 points off them last season, they’ve struggled for goals this season, no reason why we shouldn’t go into this one with confidence. 3 nil home win.”

“Not sure anyone has beaten them easily this season.  Most of their defeats have been by a single goal.  They obviously lack a bit of confidence, but they will match our work rate.”

“Sheffield United struggling with no wins, fans back, it’s the sort of game we would traditionally be terrible in and lose. I think this team has got a bit more about it though and with Ings back you’d fancy us to win but history tells us something different. “

“They haven’t won all season, so we already know the result. “

“This is the type of game we will definitely lose. “

“Utd haven’t won all season, so with how we’ve been performing this year I’d say it’s nailed on for a Southampton Slip Up.  I followed us long rnough to know these are the games we lose. “

“Sheffield United will be right up for this game. But we have the quality to win. Which means we probably won’t!”

“Expect a win, and I never say that, but the sort of game we lose”

“This has banana skin all over it in typical Saints style. We haven’t looked too great in the last few games but still should have enough to get the 3 points, just hope we don’t ship an early goal and they sit back for 80mins”

“Shouldn’t underestimate Sheffield United, though. Think they’re in a false position. We know from last season they’re a decent side – hard to break down if they get ahead. “

“Sheff Utd might be bottom but they aren’t mugs.”

“They’re no mugs, treat this like we’re going to roll them over, and we will not. They showed they’re capable last season. “

“Despite Sheffield always being in the games they lose, I am confident we will beat them.”

“I can’t see Sheff Utd scoring more than one at our place.”

“Sheffield United come across as a plucky team fighting against the odds. Which is somewhat true. But it has gone a bit under the radar that they have spent a reasonably amount of money since coming up. They spent 64m last season, and 56m according to Transfermarkt. That’s with very little recouped in sold players. In the same period we have bought 52m and 35.2m respectively, and received 24.5m and 23.6m. Of course, we have built up a more developed squad over a number of seasons, and that the money that they have spent is still little compared to most other sides. But I think it would surprise people how much they have spent and a 1 point return is pretty dreadful for that outlay. I think we will win this one. We have scored in all EPL games this season except the opening game and have scored 2 goals in a match 8 times. Ings back, Che looks the business, JWP freekick threat, and even Vestegaard threat off set pieces and I think we should be okay scoring a couple. I look at Sheffield United’s attack and think, will they score 1, let alone 2 against us? Probably not in all honesty unless the defense does something dumb (Bednarek I’m looking at one of your little air swings). Especially if Vestegaard plays like how he did Monday night. It’ll be tough, they will fight and scrap. But ultimately we will win.”

“We have no reason to fear the Blades, we are a much better side than they with better players in most positions”

“We will win and easily, they’re down there for a reason, they’re a terrible team. Got found out pretty easily and have been awful for the whole of 2020. “

“About time we gave someone a hammering. 5-0.Morale must be dwindling in their camp and will takes it toll”

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