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“A must win game”

“If we fail to beat Sheffield then there’s something fundamentally wrong. If these lads have anything about them they will go out and give them a ****ing pasting.”

“I have no faith we will beat Sheffield United next weekend, it has the makings of bad day. They’ve not won, we have a long European trip before, they are a threat from set pieces etc… “

“we will be giving Sheff .Utd a Bunk up… We will own the badge of ever “obliging city”.”

“Sheffield utd must be fancying their 1st win!”

“Sheffield United will be licking their lips”

“I am genuinley fearful of Sheffield United”

“Definitely going to get bent over by Sheffield United.”

“Sheffield United will have too much for this bunch of bottlers.”

“Sheffield United must be quaking in their baby seal fur lined boots.”

“I understand Sheff U are considering not even bothering playing a goalkeeper against us.”

“Just hope Sheff U are as wasteful against us as they were against West Brom.. Bizarre how many they missed”

“There is nothing unlucky about sheff u horrendous finishing, they have zero quality up front”

“Just can’t see how Sheffield Utd are going to score goals consistently this season. “

“The one place I’d question Sheffield utd is the recent recruitment. Ramsdale, McBurnie, Berge (tidy, but £25m?) all look massively overpriced. Jury’s out on Brewster.”

“I don’t particular think they have great players they just work in the system.”

“Sheffield look shot already.”

“Sheffield United are woeful. Should’ve backed my instinct when they were 4/1 to go down prior to season starting.”

“Teams like Crystal Palace can’t believe their luck, awful sides but with these 4 at the bottom will be comfortable this season.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Leicester”
  1. I agree with the over priced signings remarks. The loss of Jack O’Connell is not helping either. Despite all that, I would prefer Leicester’s position to ours!

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