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“Last two teams without a win in the top 4 divisions”

“There are “must wins” and “must wins”, but this really is a must win, we can’t get to Xmas without a couple of wins at least and have any real chance of staying up”

“Based on how we played against Man Utd who were described as looking Ropey and based on how Sheffield United were doing they were doing well until West Ham scored then they looked weak there attack looks like ours in they can’t score should be an interesting game but this is a MUST WIN game”

“Don’t win this one then I can’t see us staying up, Bilic needs to get a winning performance out of this lot because its getting embarrassing.”

“sorry but i cant see a win here either”

“Nothing but a win will do, both fulham and burnley have tricky fixtures and it could see us out the bottom 3. Sadly, i think we’ll bottle it.”

“To win the game we need to score goals, and that’s the bit that worries me.”

“It sounds weird to say its a must win in November, but we really need to win and start getting some points on the board.
Will hopefully provide some of the individuals within the squad a much needed confidence boost.”

“We have put in 2 really good performances against higher quality opposition without any points reward. We now HAVE to make it count this weekend and get our first win.
I have a lot more belief in the lads now than after the Fulham game but that will evaporate if they bottle this game”

“United definitely much weaker down their left hand side, something we must target. I’d like Diangana out there with Pereira as a 10 as I think they combine well. Furlong overlapping will then provide a real threat out there. Of course the rest of the side needs to be balanced too!”

“Looking at their side it’s a miracle what Wilder achieved last season.”

“Correct – especially the way they played too. They didnt just park the bus.
Is Mousset going to be fit for Saturday – bonus if not”

“I think Sheffield United have struggled more than most with the stadia being empty. They play a very high intensity game that’s difficult to maintain when there are no supporters cheering you on.”

“Momentum was key for them, lockdown completely killed their rhythm… chances are had Hawkeye worked they’d have made Europe.
O’Connell a HUGE miss for them. Excellent defensively and orchestrator in chief of their overlapping CB chaos… Ampadu doesn’t carry the same threat, and Basham alone isn’t as difficult to handle.
Whilst being much maligned this season McBurnie’s stats tell a different story. SU haven’t been creating many decent chances, but he’s doing well based on the scraps he’s getting… if he gets a decent delivery he will put one away…. you can bet the striker rehab clinic will be open for business this weekend.”

“I’m quite confident especially with the way we’ve played in the last 2 games, but the way we played against Fulham (and other teams around us) is tempering it slightly.”

“My cup is very half full after the last 2 games. I think we will win”

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