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“Well that was fun”

“surely we should be burying a ten man Sheffield United side with only one point so far this season?”

“Was there any stage when it looked we had a 1 man advantage? “

“Seething. There really is no hope with Potter now. It’s absolutely disgraceful we haven’t beaten a side playing with ten men, with 12 defeats from 13 games before today.”

“Not expecting Potter to ride this out now”

“Thanks for your efforts Graham. You can go now. “

“Point gained against 10 men of a side that many forget have already forced a draw against Fulham this season. Fantastic Potterballing at its best.”

“Game management and lack of ideas,Potter was supposed to be the clever manager but Wilder is head and shoulders above him along with most Premier league managers .He will be great for us in the Championship”

“So why are SU at the bottom of the league with only 2 points after 14 games? What were Wilder’s ideas and game management in those games?
I’d say a draw was a fair result, it wasn’t like SU were miles better. “

“Totally out thought.”

“SU have a team spirit we can only dream of. Fair play to them”

“I doubt sheff utd will block that many shots in a game again this season. FFS. “

“For what it’s worth I think conceding the equaliser is a mortal blow to Sheffield United. They must have thought they had their first win. If Burke had scored that one at 0-1 it would have been all over. “

“I’m pleased we drew because while a point does nothing for us whatsoever, it could be crucial in killing off any potential Sheffield United recovery.”

“It feels like a huge two points dropped in terms of the opportunity to finally win at home, playing ten men for an hour. However, despite hitting the bar at the end, it also feels like we’ve been very fortunate to save a point from a game that we could easily have lost 2:0.”

“when you create three clear cut chances and concede from near enough the only shot you conceded all game, which happened to be a tame deflected effort it suggests you probably did deserve to win.”

“They could and probably should have been 3-0 by the time we equalised.”

“. Very fortunate to get a point in the end… “

“Sadly this is a desperately poor team. To play against 10 men for 60 mins and play like we did, so so poor.”

“Did Brighton deserve to win today? The answer is clearly yes. Potter can lead a horse to water, but he can’t make it drink. The players clearly buy into the style of play, they consistently get into fantastic goalscoring positions, the manager cannot legislate for supposed PL level players missing sitters from 4 yards out.”

“Did we deserve to win today ? Lol if the ball is not on target or in the net then no .
90 mins of the same old shite tippy tippy everyone afraid to shoot
Premier league players is the point they are mostly not I’m afraid
Potter leading a horse for water bet he would get even that wrong or take it the long way round
One home win in a year ? Happy with that ? “

“It had shock away win written all over it – United already now having the record for the poorest start to a season,
Then after the sending off I was seeing the headline: “Plucky ten man Sheffield……”
There would be a backs to the wall Dunkirk Spirit.
And how often do the remaining ten men pull together all the more so…..
So yes, we should have won, and had the chances to. but it’s a funny old game, football. “

“Ok we weren’t brilliant but definitely 2 points lost, we were a lot better than them. I know that’s not hard but we were. A simple header on target and its two points more.”

“The Hughton promotion winning side would of hammered that lot today.”

“If we dont beat Arsenal, I think that’ll be my last game until we’re back in the championship (where we belong)”

“The problem our fanbase have is there are too many premier league groupies looking to sack the manager all the time.”

“The ref didn’t cost us the game and separate to our own failings BUT bearing in mind this idiot gave the penalty to Saints when it was clearly outside the box I thought he had an awful game. Firstly, he should have given a very obvious foul on March just before the sending off, that would have saved him from being made to look like a piece of cheese and giving just a yellow when it was a very clear red and then allowing Ramsdale to continually waste time (only booking him in the 89th minute once the damage had been done) and then somehow adding only 4 mins injury time. A terrible performance to match our own. And I thought their goal was offside in the build up but that’s not down to him. “

“I counted three elbows used against Albion players in tackles and no bookings for any of them, other than that he wasn’t that bad”

“I thought he was OK, no complaints from me.”

“They clearly showed that March played them onside twice in the buildup to the goal. He then left Bogle go when he ran out of his zone meaning that he had an acre of space to turn and shoot.
Not blaming March, blaming the coaching. “

By Roy

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